304: How Are We Still here? with Rebecca Sebastian

Have you ever felt like you wanted to quit the yoga industry? You are not alone. Shannon Crow, host of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast, and Rebecca Sebastian, host of the Working in Yoga Podcast, chat about what it’s like to feel like quitting – and why they have stayed on and continued their work in this space.

Rebecca Sebastian has been teaching yoga for 20 years and working as a yoga therapist for a decade. She is also a yoga studio owner, yoga non-profit founder, and the host of the Working In Yoga podcast. She isn’t afraid to stand up for human rights and yoga – and she also isn’t afraid to discuss tough topics in the yoga industry.

Shannon and Rebecca discuss some of the big topics that have come up in the yoga industry in 2022. They talk about how yoga teachers are feeling isolated, competition in the industry, some toxic practices that have taken hold, and what we can do about it. They also explore what teaching yoga may look like in 2023, marketing for yoga teachers, how to build a better yoga industry going forward, and much more.

Key Takeaways:

[2:37] This episode was originally recorded for Rebecca Sebastian’s podcast, Working in Yoga. Shannon and Rebecca discuss how they have continued in the work they do despite wanting to quit.

[5:29] With everything that has happened in the yoga industry in 2022, why are Rebecca and Shannon still here?

[9:05] Many yoga teachers feel isolated in this profession.

“We need to acknowledge this has been another hard year for us for our industry. Like, you’re not alone.” ~ Rebecca Sebastian

[11:47] Everyone in the yoga industry is trying to navigate building their business as best as they can but some things can create a toxic environment. How do Shannon and Rebecca deal with negative elements like diet culture in the industry.

“I think that makes our industry more powerful and more impactful overall when we’re able to share stories with each other.” ~ Rebecca Sebastian

[17:26] Rebecca encourages us to talk more about the benefits of yoga, like nervous system regulation.

[21:27] What is the yoga industry going to look like in 2023 in terms of virtual and in-person classes?

“The yoga’s enough all on its own.” ~ Rebecca Sebastian

[29:26] Sadie Mardini responds to Rebecca’s question about how yoga teachers and studios who had been online before the pandemic were impacted by everyone else moving online.

[31:15] Shannon pops in with a reminder to put yourself out there and to create your website if you don’t have one!

[35:11] What does the competitiveness of the industry look like in 2022?

[37:54] Rebecca invites listeners to create a meet-up to meet people in your local community.

[42:54] You can also find great communities of yoga teachers online to connect with.

[45:52] Shannon shares a tip for anyone running a Facebook group to moderate posts.

[48:39] Rebecca encourages us not to limit ourselves. The yoga’s enough all on its own.

[49:26] Shannon and Rebecca discuss marketing in yoga.

[52:38] Rebecca and Shannon reflect on the things that made them think about quitting the yoga industry in 2022.

[58:42] There are some parallels between yoga and entrepreneurship.

“Yoga in itself is a spiritual discipline that asks you to reevaluate and rethink literally every fiber of your being. Guess what entrepreneurship is?” ~ Rebecca Sebastian

[62:45] Does Rebecca think about building her business just to sell it? Shannon and Rebecca discuss what that could mean and how it might work.

[70:40] What is your retirement plan as a yoga teacher?

[71:46] Rebecca calls out how unsustainable the career path is in the yoga industry and shares some thoughts about how things can be done differently.

[76:52] The power dynamic in the yoga industry needs to be re-examined.

[81:12] What are Rebecca and Shannon hopeful and excited about for 2023?

[89:50] Shannon shares some final thoughts.


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