300: Celebrating 300 Episodes! with Shannon Crow

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast celebrates 300 episodes! In this milestone episode, host Shannon Crow talks about some of the things that have helped her stay consistent with putting out the podcast and answers some questions from listeners!

We are so grateful for your support through these 300 episodes and look forward to bringing you more episodes that will help you stay connected to the information and inspiration that will support you as you build your yoga business!

Key Takeaways:

[2:25] Shannon celebrates 300 episodes of the podcast!

“Two things have helped me get to this point of 300 episodes. That is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. And also letting my message be louder than my doubts and my fears.” ~ Shannon Crow

[4:15] Aruna sent in the first question. What was the first thing Shannon outsourced to help her stay consistent and get to 300 episodes and what would she never let go of?

“If there is something that you’re doing over and over again and you’re not getting a lot of joy out of it and it’s an automated task, that is something to look at to pass on to someone else.” ~ Shannon Crow

[11:30] Shannon gives a shout-out of thanks to sponsor, OfferingTree and shares a conversation she had with a fellow yoga teacher, Sarah Villamil, about her experience with OfferingTree.

[14:45] Renee has another question for Shannon. What were the top three things that Shannon has learned from all her guests?

“Communicate and listen to understand, not to be understood.” ~ Shannon Crow

[25:54] What are the top three things you have learned from this podcast?

[30:59] Thank you dear listener for all your support through these 300 episodes!


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