284: Beyond Pronouns and Pride Month with Shannon Crow298: Photo Shoot Stories (Listener Emails) with Shannon Crow

When Shannon sent out an email about Episode 294 with Gabriela Fearn about how to plan a yoga photo shoot, she received a lot of emails from listeners! It is such a highlight to get emails from listeners sharing their experiences. Shannon reads some of the stories Connected Yoga Teachers have shared with her about their experiences doing photoshoots for their businesses.

Have a listen if you are feeling alone and isolated as a yoga entrepreneur and connect with the wonderful community of Connected Yoga Teachers in the Facebook group as well.

Key Takeaways:

[3:54] Shannon invites you to share your questions, thoughts, and comments about the podcast. There are a few ways you can do this!

[5:37] Shannon received a lot of emails from listeners about episode 294 – How to Plan a Yoga Photo Shoot with Gabriela Fearn.

[5:37] Shannon shares some tips to get better engagement from her community in emails.

[8:24] Shannon shares Beth’s email reply about photoshoots.

“I let go of fancy or challenging poses and played.  She was able to capture these sweet, inward-focused moments of me practicing.” ~ Email from Beth

[10:40] Jenay writes about her experience with photoshoots.

“It’s not the poses that were important but, rather, the energy depicted.” ~ Email from Jenay

[12:04] Shannon pops in with a bit of news and a shout out of thanks to OfferingTree.

[14:32] Reneé Clair, who was a guest on the podcast in episode 167, wrote in about her photoshoot experience not doing yoga poses.

“I felt more confident though when not striking a “pose” – yoga pose that is!” ~ Email from Renée

[16:03] Another listener, Helen, did a photoshoot in a park with a photographer who offered a unique arrangement.

[18:01] The last email is from Gail. Shannon and Gail have both used the same photographer and had similar experiences.

“I think you need someone to have a sense of who you are to bring out the best.” ~ Email from Gail

“The photographer talked about how a fancy camera was not needed. That anyone could do this work – with an iPhone and some imagination on how to capture the shots.” ~ Shannon Crow

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