294: How to Plan a Yoga Photo Shoot with Gabriela Fearn294: How to Plan a Yoga Photo Shoot with Gabriela Fearn

We all know the power of good images for websites and social media, but many yoga teachers don’t know where to start when it comes to taking photos for their yoga business. How can you capture who you are as a yoga teacher? What kind of photos connect you with your ideal yoga students? What should you wear? Where is the best place for a photo shoot? Gabriela (aka. Gabby) Fearn has some recommendations.

Gabby Fearn is a portrait photographer, doula and yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience who is based in Sydney, Australia. Through the years Gabby has photographed many yoga studios and teachers and she ensures a stress-free experience by guiding her clients through the process every step of the way while capturing authentic and sincere photos.

Gabby explains the pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor photo shoots, why having a plan is helpful and how to plan for a photo shoot, considerations around props, music, hair and makeup and more. Gabby also shares why using just stock photos isn’t a great idea and why you shouldn’t wait till you “look better” or can “do better yoga” to take some professional photos. This is a practical episode where you will walk away with a list of takeaways to help you book, plan and carry out a yoga photo shoot that makes marketing easier.

Key Takeaways:

[3:29] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Gabriela (Gabby) Fearn.

[5:53] What does Gabby do and who does she do it for?

[7:18] Gabby is half-Colombian, half-Canadian who lives in Australia. She shares a little about how the weather impacts her work as a photographer.

“Planning your session is key to getting the most out of it and making the most of your time.” ~ Gabriela Fearn

[9:25] How do you choose a location for a photo shoot? Gabby highlights some of the pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor shoots.

[13:33] What should yoga teachers wear in their photo shoot?

“It’s really important to think about your personal style and what you wear when you practice.” ~ Gabriela Fearn

[16:04] Gabby shares some suggestions about outfits for yoga teachers in a photo shoot.

[18:02] Planning the photo shoot in advance is key to getting the most out of it. Gabby shares some essential questions to guide your planning.

“Do I need a list of poses to bring with me to our session? I would say yes, it does really help.” ~ Gabriela Fearn

[19:06] Shannon pops in to share about OfferingTree which allows yoga teachers to easily set up a website.

[21:03] Gabby highlights some of the types of photographs you might need as a yoga teacher.

[23:15] Gabby recommends using Pinterest to refine your vision but avoid trying to copy these pictures because you are likely to be disappointed.

[25:03] What are some things that can help ease the awkwardness of having your photos taken?

[27:39] What are some things yoga teachers should bring along to a photo shoot?

[30:14] What does Gabby recommend for hair and makeup for a photo shoot?

[34:26] Gabby shares some tips about the photos you might choose for different parts of your website.

[36:27] Shannon and Gabby discuss the role of stock photos in marketing for yoga teachers.

[38:17] What are some other things yoga teachers should keep in mind as they plan their yoga photo shoot?

“I want you to embrace who you are and we’ll end up with beautiful photos of you no matter what.” ~ Gabriela Fearn

[40:30] It’s really important for your photos to reflect the kind of yoga you offer and what your students are looking for.

[41:53] Find out more about Gabby’s work on her website and connect with her on Instagram.

[46:03] Gabby’s final tip is to take a bath at the end of a photo shoot!

[46:30] Shannon shares her takeaways from this conversation with Gabby.


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