290: Best Microphones for Online Yoga with Ashley Hagen

Many yoga teachers are teaching online these days and one thing is extremely important for online classes – sound quality. Having a good quality microphone can really help, but with so many options available, which do you choose without breaking your budget? Ashley Hagen has some advice for you in this episode.

Ashley Hagen is a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, yoga studio owner, and business coach. She gets excited about all the things that support an online teacher or studio — systems, software, and the technology needed to make it all run smoothly. Since moving into the online space, Ashley has become an expert in building an online yoga business – including what mics to use to teach online, on Zoom, and out in big outdoor spaces.

Ashley gives her recommendations on best mics for yoga teachers teaching online, suggestions to improve your sound quality as you are leading classes, and how to navigate some of the complex technology related to getting set up for Zoom and online classes. Ashley also shares how OfferingTree has been a useful resource for her and why she recommends it to yoga teachers, as well as how you can build confidence to teach online.

Key Takeaways:

[2:24] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Ashley Hagen.

[6:11] What is the work that Ashley does and who does she do it for?

[7:14] Did Ashley’s business take off with the pandemic?

[8:32] What microphone does Ashley recommend for yoga teachers who want to teach online?

[11:50] Ashley has done a video comparing a whole bunch of different microphones that yoga teachers use. She shares a little about that.

“I wouldn’t call myself an audio expert or a technology expert, but I’m a step or two ahead of people because I test things out. So I’m able to answer some questions.” ~ Ashley Hagen

[14:29] Shannon had a problem with adjusting the volume on her Rode microphone so she reached out to Ashley. Ashley explains how she set up her Rode mic to work.

[18:46] How can you play music on Zoom and still use a wireless mic?

[20:49] Ashley shares some tips on what to wear while teaching online so that your clothes don’t interfere with the mic, and how to wear your mic.

[23:33] What are some mishaps Ashley has had while teaching online that she has learned from?

[26:10] If you’re having problems with your mic, you might want to check the cables first!

“If that’s the case for you where you ever feel like your mics are going bad, first check the cables.” ~ Ashley Hagen

[28:16] Ashley has some tips if you are teaching yoga outdoors.

“[One tip is] it’s using a microphone for outdoor yoga to amplify your voice with a speaker.” ~ Ashley Hagen

[29:22] How does Ashley handle recording and editing her videos?

[32:00] Ashley has a quick tip about the kind of content you could be sharing on YouTube.

[32:46] Ashley shares her experience with using OfferingTree for her business.

[36:18] Would Ashley recommend OfferingTree for yoga teachers who are just getting started?

[40:04] What are Ashley’s thoughts on yoga teachers not getting their offerings out first.

“Yoga studios don’t get students before they open their storefront. They open a studio first and then they get the students. You’ve got to open your virtual studio before you get people in the doors.” ~ Ashley Hagen

[41:56] Ashley shares some advice for yoga teachers who are feeling uncertain about whether they can teach online yoga.

[43:30] Learn more from Ashley through her website and connect with her on social media!

[44:14] Ashley outlines the information you can find in her PDF guide!

[45:09] Shannon shares her key takeaways from this interview with Ashley.

[46:12] Shannon did a little mic test to show the difference in sound for her between the Blue Yeti mic, her Airpods, and the Rode Wireless Go.

[49:39] Shannon highlights some of her key takeaways from this chat with Ashley.


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