286: Yoga Around the World with Lily Allen-Duenas

Have you ever wanted to teach yoga around the world but weren’t sure where to get started? Perhaps you have wondered how the yoga community differs from country to country. Lily Allen-Duenas shares her insights as a yoga teacher who travels the world and also as a podcaster who has interacted with yoga teachers and students from all around the globe.

Lily Allen-Duenas is an international yoga and meditation instructor, a holistic health and wellness coach, and a Reiki master healer. She strives to help people reduce their emotional overload, and find balance, breath, and space for self-care. Lily is the founder of the Wild Yoga Tribe and the host of the Wild Yoga Tribe podcast. She has taught yoga classes and wellness workshops all over the world.

In this episode, Lily shares some of her tips for getting started with teaching yoga while traveling the world and the different things she has learned about different cultures in different countries. Lily offers suggestions on how to find and secure yoga jobs abroad and what to look out for to avoid scams. As a writer and marketer, Lily also has some great strategies around her podcast marketing strategy and navigating social media.

Key Takeaways:

[1:11] Shannon shares one of the resources she is learning from about social justice.

[4:07] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Lily Allen-Duenas

[7:34] What does Lily do and who does she do it for?

“How do I find work and especially if I want to do it in a different country, it can seem really difficult.” ~ Lily Allen-Duenas

[10:17] What are some differences Lily has observed in talking with yoga teachers around the world?

[12:06] What is something surprising that Lily has learned about different cultures as she interviews different yoga teachers?

“I think we’re in a smaller world than we’ve ever been in before and … I just love the possibilities.” ~ Lily Allen-Duenas

[15:54] Interacting with people from different cultures or backgrounds can challenge out preconceived notions.

[17:37] What is Lily’s advice for people who want to travel and teach yoga? How can they do that?

[24:06] Lily walks us through some of her podcast marketing strategies.

“[For marketing,] I think it’s important to have that routine and the rhythm and then of course to do it in a way that feels mission aligned.” ~ Lily Allen-Duenas

[29:24] Shannon pops in with a message about OfferingTree.

[31:33] What are Lily’s tips for staying on track with her marketing strategy for her podcast?

[35:16] Lily shares her biggest tips to make marketing on Instagram easier for yoga teachers.

“Sharing anything and everything you can think of related to your niche and then doing that in a way that really serves your audience will help of course grow the community.” ~ Lily Allen-Duenas

[40:28] Shannon and Lily discuss having boundaries on social media and showing up authentically.

[47:01] Find out more about Lily and her work via her podcast, website, and social media.

[51:52] Shannon shares her key takeaways from this episode as well as some other resources for listeners.


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