284: Beyond Pronouns and Pride Month with Shannon Crow284: Beyond Pronouns and Pride Month with Shannon Crow

How can we make our yoga classes more inclusive and accessible? The truth is, sometimes we can mess up and make mistakes even when we try to create safer spaces in our yoga classes. We may cause harm without realizing it – that’s why it is a huge gift when someone points out how we are causing harm.

The work of continuous learning goes beyond simply using the right pronouns and extends far beyond Pride month. These are complex and nuanced issues – we have to strive to continuously educate ourselves. In this episode, Shannon Crow shares the email from a listener that inspired this conversation as well as resources for you if you are keen to continue learning how to create safer, more accessible yoga spaces for people in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Key Takeaways:

[3:24] Shannon shares a book she has been enjoying and learning from recently.

[6:56] This episode was inspired by a brave email sent by a podcast listener in response to Episode 275 about being kicked out of yoga class.

[9:00] Shannon shares the email from the listener.

[10:44] Even when we want to create safe spaces, we may not succeed. We may also cause harm to others and it is a huge gift when they communicate that with us.

[11:58] Our continuous learning journey goes beyond Pride month.

“This continuous learning journey, I really think this goes beyond Pride Month.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[13:03] We can spread our learning and collaboration requests out to span the entire year, instead of just in Pride month.

“Please don’t be the business that sticks a Pride flag on their website in June only to then take it down and forget all about the social justice issue the rest of the year.” ~ Shannon Crow

[14:12] Shannon has some resources for you if you want to create an inclusive yoga space in all months of the year, not just in June.

“It is very nuanced and it’s like we don’t know what we don’t know and in the meantime, we might be causing harm.” ~ Shannon Crow

[20:54] Shannon shares what OfferingTree is putting together for yoga studios.

[22:43] Shannon highlights some of the podcast episodes listeners can learn from as well as trainings available.

[27:50] We can all learn from each other if we’re willing to share and be vulnerable about where we messed up.


Resources to Guide Learning:

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