Bowel_Health_with_Shannon_Crow279: Bowel Health and Yoga with Shannon Crow 

Bowel health and function is an essential part of our lives, yet something we don’t discuss often. We all (hopefully) have bowel movements regularly and if we are not, it can impact our pelvic organs, pelvic floor and overall health. Yet, conversations about pooping are not normalized and we avoid talking about this topic! Why?

In this episode, Shannon Crow, host of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast and founder of Pelvic Health Professionals explores the topic of bowel health. She explains how yoga and bowel health are connected and some of the common things that can go wrong with our bowel health and function. Shannon also shares snippets of a live call from the Pelvic Health Professionals membership with Michelle Lyons, a physiotherapist, yoga, pilates and mindfulness teacher, and nutrition and health coach specializing in pelvic health with a whole-person approach.

This episode is a must-listen for everyone – because bowel health and function affects us all!

Key Takeaways:

[4:38] Shannon’s getting personal on this episode to talk about a topic not many people are comfortable with – poop!

[5:52] How are yoga and bowel health connected? Shannon shares a clip from an interview with Michelle Lyons who spoke about bowel health in Pelvic Health Professionals.

[11:01] Shannon invites you to bring your awareness to your bowel health in your next yoga session. She walks us through a couple of yoga poses to help with that.

“One of the ways that yoga can really help is by bringing attention to the breath. And we know that breathing is absolutely essential for good pelvic floor muscle function.” ~ Michelle Lyons

[13:32] The kind of toilet you use may impact your bowel health. Shannon shares some tips on how to bring ease to pooping.

[15:13] Shannon pops in with a conversation with a fellow connected yoga teacher about OfferingTree.

[17:56] The breath can have a huge impact on bowel health!

“Yoga and breathing and mindfulness and gentle movement in general, all of these have the ability to tone the vagus nerve.” ~ Michelle Lyons

[19:00] Hormonal changes can impact bowel health and bowel function as well.

[22:59] Yoga helps with stress management and brings people into a state of rest and digest. This can impact bowel health positively.

[23:54] Michelle covered a lot of different aspects of bowel health and function inside Pelvic Health Professionals!

“Good bowel health is really when you don’t have to think about it.” ~ Michelle Lyons

[26:34] Shannon highlights some of the upcoming topics for calls in Pelvic Health Professionals.

[28:52] We need to normalize talking about bowel health!

“Generally bowel dysfunction, we can break down into three categories: either you can’t keep stuff in, you can’t get stuff out, or it hurts.” ~ Michelle Lyons


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