I feel so alone as a yoga teacher267: Thoughts on Belly Breathing with Shannon Crow

As human beings, we are always learning new information. Sometimes, this new information conflicts with our current beliefs or knowledge, so we need to be willing to dig in and explore this – and if we are wrong, to admit it and change our beliefs. This happened to Shannon Crow (she/her) with belly breathing.

You may have learned about the benefits of belly breathing in yoga class or yoga teacher training or even taught it to your students. However, it may not be the best practice for everyone. In this episode, Shannon reflects on how she came to change her views on belly breathing and how she now teaches breath to her students instead. She shares her own experiences as a yoga teacher and a yoga practitioner from what she has learned and then unlearned. If you have ever taught breathing in a yoga class, this episode is for you. 

Key Takeaways:

[3:14] Shannon introduces her topic for this episode and why she was inspired to share about it.

[4:58] Shannon shares a little about an upcoming online workshop she is hosting with OfferingTree.

[6:39] Shannon learned about belly breathing in yoga classes and in yoga teacher training. Eventually, she realized that what she knew or believed about belly breathing may not be correct.

“Something that we all need to embrace as yoga teachers is that we are responsible for how we’re guiding our students.” Shannon Crow

[8:54] The more research Shannon did into belly breathing, the worse she felt for teaching it the way she was. She reflects on how she felt at that time.

“The more research I did into this, the worst I felt for teaching the way I was teaching belly breathing.” Shannon Crow

[10:04] What happens when we take a breath? Where does the breath begin?

[13:24] What do we really mean when we say belly breathing?

[15:38] Some things associated with belly breathing can put additional pressure on the pelvic floor, and this may not be desirable for some people.

[20:46] We are always going to be learning new information, and as yoga teachers, we need to explore how we can move with grace to explain to our students why we have shifted certain things we teach.

“As long as I continue to listen and learn and grow as a human, I’m on the right track.” Shannon Crow

[23:28] What are your thoughts on belly breathing? Share them with Shannon!

Chart that shows what happens when we breathe:

Breath Chart - The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast - Shannon Crow


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