264: Solve the Problem for Your Students with Danait Berhe

As a yoga teacher, do you think of yourself as a problem solver? In fact, our yoga offerings are solving a problem for our students, and we need to talk about what problem we’re solving to attract our dream students! In this episode with Danait Berhe, learn more about why it’s important to talk about the problems you solve, and how it ties in with your messaging.

Danait is the founder and messaging strategist of The Asmara Agency. With her award-winning full-service agency, Danait helps mission-driven companies craft compelling business, brand, and messaging strategies. She brings a unique perspective to her clients, integrating her background in analytical research, marketing, and branding to help her clients soar their profit and their impact. The Asmara Agency is also committed to making sure that more women, especially Black women, enter the world of entrepreneurship and not only survive, but build brands they can leverage as an asset in order to build + create generational wealth.

Yoga teachers are often hesitant to talk about problems in their messaging, but Danait explains how you can do so with empathy instead of agitation, and without having to resort to sleazy sales tactics. She shares how we can think about our yoga offerings as solving problems for people, the importance of finding a niche and getting specific about who you help and how, and more.

If you’ve been struggling with getting clarity on your message, this interview with Danait is a must-listen!

Key Takeaways:

[2:38] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Danait Berhe

[8:27] Shannon and Danait share a little about the sponsor, OfferingTree, and how they got connected because of it!

[10:04] What does Danait do and who does she do it for?

[11:20] What do people most often struggle with when they try to create their website or share their message in some way?

[14:39] A lot of yoga teachers don’t want to focus on the problem. How does Danait address that?

“What things do they need to know for them to be able to see that I am at the solution to that problem?” Danait Berhe

[21:31] Shannon shares an exciting message from OfferingTree.

[23:06] How can yoga teachers talk about the problem they solve in an authentic way, without seeming to be poking the problem more?

“I believe that there is an empathetic approach to being able to solve problems without necessarily poking at the problem.” Danait Berhe

[28:36] What can yoga teachers do if they are struggling with their message? Danait has three questions to ask yourself to get clear on your message.

[35:47] You have to keep sharing over and over again, not just once and be done with it.

[39:54][39:54] Asking questions and getting to know your audience is a great way to get content ideas, but also to find people.

[40:58] The length of time it takes for someone to decide to buy something from you depends on the price of the offer.

“Pricing can be solved by determining what is the problem we’re solving and then how, how big of a problem is it for someone to pay and what are they willing to pay for that.” Danait Berhe

[41:30] A quick message from Allison from the Yoga Teacher Conf.

[43:29] Timing is everything when it comes to promoting and selling an offer.

[46:45] What are some things that might make the process easier for yoga teachers who are putting together their website?

[53:29] It’s important to get extremely specific with what you do and who you help, and why.

[56:40] What is your approach to yoga? Talking about your process helps to build trust.

[59:35] Danait helps a live listener get clear on her message.

“We just want to call attention to the problem and then paint the picture of what’s possible for them.” Danait Berhe

[63:33] Find out more about Danait’s work on Instagram or check out her website.

[65:48] Messaging is something that is always evolving and changing. That’s normal.


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