263: Optimizing Your YouTube Videos with Victoria Levitan 263: Optimizing Your YouTube Videos with Victoria Levitan

Are you using YouTube as a way to get people to sign up for your offerings? YouTube is a powerful search engine, and with the right strategy, you could be growing your audience, getting new students, and really leveraging this platform to increase your visibility. Youtube and Video Coach Victoria Levitan tells us all about how to set up and optimize YouTube videos for your yoga business.

Victoria has over 4 years of video marketing experience and currently teaches small business owners how to create videos, use Youtube to grow their business, and what to say on camera so that it converts their viewers. She aspires to help people film videos that cultivate human connection and stand out with ease.

Victoria explains why yoga teachers should be on YouTube, and how to get started –  beginning with how to set up your own channel on YouTube! She also shares tips on setting up lighting, what to include in the video description, and how to get people to go from watching your video to signing up for your offering. Victoria has some advice on including a call to action in your videos, and promoting the video after you’ve created it! 

If you are new to YouTube and have been wondering how it could fit into your marketing strategy, or are looking to jump back into creating optimized videos on YouTube, this episode is made for you!

Key Takeaways:

[3:53] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Victoria Levitan.

[8:38] Shannon gives a shout-out to the sponsor, OfferingTree.

[9:49] What does Victoria do and who does she do it for?

[10:32] What would Victoria say to someone just starting out with YouTube?

[12:12] Why is YouTube a powerful tool for yoga teachers to try to get students?

“From a more strategic level, YouTube ultimately is a search engine…uploading to YouTube is going to help grow your search engine optimization. ” Victoria Levitan

[14:47] How can yoga teachers start their YouTube channel? Victoria walks us through the steps.

“You want to start with a call to action at the beginning section of your video.” Victoria Levitan

[16:59] What are some lighting options for yoga teachers when natural lighting is not an option?

[19:34] What is Victoria’s recommendation for the video description on YouTube? What is most important there?

[21:33] What are Victoria’s tips for having good audio?

[21:55] What does Victoria think that yoga teachers could be doing to really get people to watch their Youtube video and then sign up for a paid offering?

[24:09] How often should you be talking about your paid offerings on YouTube?

[24:50] What are some calls to action that Victoria finds to be effective in building a business?

[26:04] What other things convert people from watching a free YouTube video to signing up for something?

[27:41] When recording a video, is it better to record on Zoom and upload it to YouTube or record directly in YouTube?

[28:37] Setting up a YouTube channel and figuring out the tech of recording, editing, and uploading videos can be really overwhelming. What are some of Victoria’s tips for people who are just starting out?

[30:45] What is Victoria’s preferred editor for editing videos?

“I think people really enjoy and resonate sometimes with the less polished versions of videos.” Victoria Levitan

[31:51] Victoria shares more tips on getting people to move from watching the video to signing up for something.

“You should promote your videos more than once because it goes back to that repetition. People need to hear it or see it a couple of times before they realize, oh, I should probably check this out.” Victoria Levitan

[33:20] How can yoga teachers figure out what keywords to use in their YouTube videos?

[33:57] How important is it to put a legal disclaimer in a YouTube video, especially when leading movement and breath?

[35:16] How often does Victoria end up copying part of her video description for each video?

[36:11] What should yoga teachers know about artwork for YouTube?

[37:48] How can yoga teachers check to see what’s working with their videos on YouTube?

[39:19] How important is it to regularly put out content on YouTube?

[40:11] Shannon and Victoria discuss batch filming and scheduling as an option to get consistent with creating content for YouTube.

[41:26] How long should YouTube videos be?

[42:53] Shannon shares about the upcoming Yoga Teacher Conf. There’s also going to be a virtual option!

[44:24] What are Victoria’s suggestions for music that can be used in YouTube videos?

[45:27] How can yoga teachers create a paywall on YouTube so only certain students can see our videos?

[47:51] How can yoga teachers get more views on YouTube videos?

[51:45] How should yoga teachers think about their YouTube strategy?

“We’ve got to fully optimize what you already have created and give your audience the time to take action on it.” Victoria Levitan

[55:17] How can you get your YouTube channel monetized?

[57:21] Victoria shares some final tips for people feeling like putting out videos regularly is a challenge.

[59:14] How do YouTube ads work?

[60:43] Find out more about Victoria and her work at her website.

[61:37] Shannon reflects on how The Connected Yoga Teacher Channel has grown in the last few years.


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