261: How to Grow Your Yoga Network with Allison Rissel261: How to Grow Your Network with Allison Rissel 

You might have heard the saying ‘your network is your net worth’, and there’s no denying that building your network is important as a yoga business owner – both to get new students, and to deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation. But it can feel like a challenge to grow your network, if you’re in a new community, or in the virtual space, or even just because you’re introverted. Allison Rissel has just the tips on how you can grow your network in this episode.

Allison is the founder of the Yoga Teacher Conf, the ONLY conference just for yoga teachers. The Yoga Teacher Conf helps elevate, educate and inspire yoga teachers around the globe through affordable continuing education, community support and connection. Allison is passionate about helping yoga teachers become professional and powerful leaders, and you can really see this in all the work that she does to help bring yoga teachers together, as well as her work as an event planner for yoga teachers.

Whether you’ve recently moved and are wondering how to get a job teaching yoga in a new town, or perhaps you want to meet other yoga teachers or studio owners and grow your online network – Allison shares so many great tips and tricks in this interview. She also talks about how to manage the discomfort that can arise from being in a new social setting, and how to build meaningful connections online. Tune in to find out more!

Key Takeaways:

[4:51] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Allison Rissel.

[10:08] What does Allison do and who does she do it for?

[11:22] What was Allison’s first reaction when Shannon said she wanted to interview her about networking?

[13:07] What is Allison’s advice for people who may be feeling like connecting with others is not that easy?

“Over the last year, what I’ve learned is actually [my network] is so intrinsic to everything I do.” Allison Rissel

[16:50] For many people, even those who love connecting with others, being in a new social setting can feel uncomfortable. How does Allison deal with that discomfort?

“The best way to break the ice is to give a compliment.” Allison Rissel

[21:28] Allison shares a little about the Yoga Teacher Conf, happening April 22 to 24 in Denver, CO.

[24:28] How can getting caught up in the details of going to the event impact us at an event?

[26:28] What are some of the measures in place at the Yoga Teacher Conf to ensure the safety of event attendees?

[30:25] How can yoga teachers build their networks at events like these?

“Often we think of networking as promoting ourselves and that’s not what it is at all. Networking is about building a relationship, it’s about listening to the other person, learning about them, and then telling them briefly maybe about yourself and finding ways that you can work together.” Allison Rissel

[32:47] Shannon is doing a whole-day workshop with Amanda McKinney at the Yoga Teacher Conf.

[34:25] What are Allison’s tips for yoga teachers who are looking for ways to network online?

[38:55] Shannon shares how she has connected with people on social media just by asking a simple question.

[40:46] Shannon and Allison discuss some options for finding your biz bestie.

[42:57] Allison shares some of her tips for yoga teachers who are in a new town and are looking to connect with people in their own community.

[46:25] Shannon and Allison chat about what their experience at the Yoga Teacher Conf is going to be like.

[47:48] Shannon is curious about how introverts feel at networking events and how they deal with it.

“Most people want to just genuinely connect with someone.” Allison Rissel

[49:50] Allison shares some details about the pricing and rates to attend Yoga Teacher Conf.

[51:08] Shannon reflects on her takeaways from this conversation with Allison.


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