I feel so alone as a yoga teacher 260: I Feel so Alone as a Yoga Teacher with Shannon Crow

As a yoga teacher, do you feel alone or isolated? If you do, remember that you are not alone in this experience – and that there are ways to counter this loneliness and isolation. In this episode, Shannon Crow (she/her) shares more about her own experience feeling alone as a yoga teacher, as well as how she managed to overcome these feelings.

Shannon Crow is the Founder of Pelvic Health Professionals, as well as the host of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast and community, which is celebrating its fifth year of podcasting this episode. Shannon became a yoga teacher in 2006, and she shared what it was like for her as a new yoga teacher losing that sense of community she had experienced during her Yoga Teacher Training. Shannon shares some of the common reasons why yoga teachers may feel isolated in their career, as well as helpful tips to deal with these causes of isolation. As someone who has built and nurtured a supportive community of over 11,000 yoga teachers, Shannon also shares her tips on how to find or create such a community for yourself.

This episode is perfect for anyone who has struggled with feeling alone as a yoga teacher, and will surely help you find and build a supportive community for yourself.

Key Takeaways:

[2:51] The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast is celebrating 5 years of podcasting with this episode!

[4:48] Being a yoga teacher can feel very isolating, and it’s normal to feel alone!

“The next time that you go to sign up for a yoga teacher training, [ask yourself]: Are you doing it because you need the knowledge and the skills and the information or are you doing it because you want to be back in with community?”

[8:36] Shannon reflects on her experience when she became a yoga teacher in 2006.

[11:23] Shannon gives a shout out to Offering Tree, sponsor of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast.

[13:35] Why does it feel so isolating to be a yoga teacher?

[15:51] The key to dealing with “competition” from other yoga teachers is to find your niche and specialize to serve a select group of people.

[16:36] Another reason why yoga teachers can feel isolated is imposter syndrome.

“All of us at some point experienced imposter syndrome, even if it’s just for a short moment when we go to put a workshop or a course together and we think, ‘oh my gosh, who am I to teach this?’.”

[18:59] Being a yoga teacher can be isolating because it is mostly solitary work, especially since the pandemic began. That’s why finding or creating a community is so important.

Alone a youth runs fast, with an elder slow, but together they go far. – Luo Proverb

[23:53] Having a supportive community around you can also help promote each other in the work you do and lift each other up.

[28:16] How can we form connections with others and grow our network?

“Don’t reinvent the wheel. Look at other communities for inspiration.”

[31:41] What happens when yoga teachers don’t have a supportive community around them?

[33:09] Where can we find these communities?

“What’s the big ‘why’ for your group that makes it unique?”

[35:44] Shannon shares some of her tips for creating a community and strengthening a community you are a part of.

[41:49] What are your thoughts around building community?


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