OfferingTree Team257: Meet OfferingTree with Alex & Eddie

OfferingTree is a company that is dedicated to helping yoga teachers build their yoga business and supporting them as they grow and serve more people. An all-in-one platform which provides a website, scheduling, payment processing, email marketing, online video / course hosting, memberships/packages and more, OfferingTree also shares monthly educational webinars, a weekly blog with extensive tips and resources, and other training opportunities. In this episode, Shannon chats with Eddie Arpin and Alex Haley, two of the co-founders of OfferingTree.

Eddie is the CEO of OfferingTree and works on a little bit of every part of the business. His background is in engineering, and has a passion for staying physically and mindfully fit. Alex is one of the co-founders of OfferingTree, and also teaches meditation retreats at meditation centers throughout the United States. His background is in law, business, and the wellness industry. Alex knows first-hand the complexity and struggles of professionals within the health and wellness industry, particularly around the overwhelm of managing a business while being present for his clients. 

Eddie and Alex share more about how OfferingTree was born out of discussions about the challenges health and wellness professionals face in running their business. They also talk about some of OfferingTree’s guiding principles, why collaborating and communicating with their users is so important, and how OfferingTree is set to grow in the future. Tune in to find out more about this amazing company and how they’re supporting yoga teachers in their businesses online.

Key Takeaways:

[5:50] Shannon shares a little about OfferingTree, the sponsor of this episode, and introduces her guests, Eddie Arpin and Alex Haley.

[9:16] How did Alex and Eddie come together to start OfferingTree?

[11:00] OfferingTree was born from a problem Alex was having at a yoga studio he worked at.

“We thought we could make their lives a lot easier and kind of decrease the burnout with OfferingTree, so that was sort of the main focus for the software.” ~ Eddie Arpin

[12:26] What else were Eddie and Alex juggling in terms of OfferingTree?

“We are perfectly imperfect. We are always a work in progress and I really like to remind myself that the origin story for OfferingTree is so connected to how we operate.” ~ Alex Haley

[15:05] Alex and Eddie are trying to grow the OfferingTree community. How are they going about that?

“Creating that sense of community has helped us tremendously and it’s something that was maybe a little bit surprising, but we’re reflecting back on it, [and] we’re just really grateful for it.” ~ Eddie Arpin

[17:32] Part of how the OfferingTree community has grown is through partnerships.

“We understand that so much of practice, life, and work is relational.” ~ Alex Haley

[20:04] What were some situations when the obstacles in their way seemed too much?

“How do we look at ourselves and how do we value our efforts and energy and our time?” ~ Alex Haley

[24:54] Alex shares more about the vision he had for OfferingTree before it was created.

[27:38] How has Eddie’s initial vision for OfferingTree changed with the reality of what has been happening?

[29:54] If you are thinking about signing up for OfferingTree, Shannon has a discount code for you!

[31:40] OfferingTree also provides its audience with educational content. Alex explains why they decided to include this.

[34:43] What are some of the features that are in the works for OfferingTree?

[37:25] Listeners – Leave a comment about what features you’d like to see from OfferingTree, or reach out to the OfferingTree team directly!

[38:35] Alex and Eddie reflect on their experience working with so many yoga teachers and share something that has surprised them.

“It’s the founding team right there at” ~ Alex Haley

[42:59] Allison from the Yoga Teacher Conf has a message to share with you.

[44:19] Eddie shares a bit about how the OfferingTree team is growing.

[48:04] Shannon shares some closing thoughts.


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