Switching to a Rental Studio Model Tammy Fulton256: Switching to a Rental Studio Model with Tammy Fulton

Your yoga business can change over time, but making shifts in business can be scary and challenging – and also rewarding. In this episode, Tammy Fulton shares more about her experience making two big shifts in her yoga studio business, and how that has impacted her, her business, teachers at her studio, and their students.

Tammy has been doing yoga since 1997, and is currently the owner of Yoga Sublime Studio and the Sublime School of Yoga. Her studio is housed in a building over 100 years old that she and her husband purchased 6 years ago. Tammy is a E-RYT 200 registered yoga teacher and Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance. She currently teaches Meditation, Gentle Flow, Restorative, Hatha & Yin Yoga with a focus on yoga and meditation for stress reduction & healthy aging, as well as co-leads a RYT 200 Teacher Training at her studio.

Tammy made the decision to shift to a rental model for her yoga studio at the start of the pandemic. She reflects on why she had to make the shift in her business and her process of sharing this change with teachers and clients at the studio. Tammy also transitioned from class passes to registered sessions. These two changes have made a huge difference for Tammy in her life and business, and she shares how the changes have positively impacted teachers and students at the studio as well.


Key Takeaways:

[6:02] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Tammy Fulton

[9:15] Shannon gives a shout out to OfferingTree.

[10:58] Tammy reflects on her conversation with Shannon in March 2020.

[12:40] Tammy shares a bit about her journey to starting a yoga studio and her studio model at that time.

[15:20] What made Tammy decide to switch to a rental model for her studio?

[16:48] How did Tammy approach the conversation with her yoga teachers around the change?

“I almost had to grieve this decision myself first before I could go to my teachers.” ~ Tammy Fulton

[19:14] How does Tammy feel about how the switch has played out for her yoga business?

[20:19] Tammy also transitioned to a registered series format for her classes and this has produced many benefits for her, her teachers, and the students.

“We feel that our students are more committed, that they’re getting more out of [the classes] because they are committing.” ~ Tammy Fulton

[21:29] What is the system Tammy currently has in place for her rental model?

[23:10] How has this shift impacted Tammy’s income, now that she doesn’t have to market for other teachers at her studio?

“I know that any income I make isn’t subsidizing anything else.” ~ Tammy Fulton

[25:32] What are some things Tammy learned along the way in making the switch to the rental model?

“Switching to that rental model made all the difference. Everyone was then generating more income with less headaches.” ~ Shannon Crow

[27:16] Now that Tammy is running a rental model for the studio, how are things for her in terms of workload?

[29:25] What is a baby step Tammy recommends for yoga teachers looking to create more balance in their life?

[32:26] Did Tammy face any pushback from students at the studio when she implemented the changes?

“That’s the kind of student I want. Somebody who values what I do and is prepared to pay.” ~ Tammy Fulton

[34:13] What does Tammy have in mind for her future as a yoga teacher?

[35:22] Find out more about Tammy and the classes she has to offer by visiting her website.

[35:43] Shannon shares her takeaways from this interview with Tammy.

[38:10] Shannon is offering a new group program. Get the details in the link below.


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