Reflect & Plan [Part 4] Shannon Crow253: Reflect & Plan [Part 4] with Shannon Crow

At the end of every year, Shannon has a personal practice of reflection and planning. In this episode, Shannon shares her process of goal setting. She explains the SMART goals framework she uses, and why she only chooses 1-3 goals to focus on for a 90-day stretch. Shannon also reveals her tips and tricks to help her stay motivated in accomplishing her goals, and how she actually reaches her goals. This episode is part of a series, and an excellent guide to return to every time you need to take stock and review how things are going in your yoga business.

Key Takeaways:

[4:53] Shannon recaps the first three parts of the reflect and plan framework she has been sharing.

[6:00] Don’t be afraid to take this framework and adapt it to what fits you!

“Make this fit your life and your beliefs and whatever suits you.” ~ Shannon Crow

[8:28] Choose 1-3 goals to focus on for the next 90 days.

[10:44] Shannon uses the SMART goals framework to set her goals. She explains what this means.

[15:08] Define if your goals are habit goals or achievement goals, and which area of importance it fits into. Also outline the benefits of this goal, and the small steps you will take to complete the goal.

“A habit goal is something that you do daily or on a regular basis, whereas an achievement goal is something that you finish.” ~ Shannon Crow

[18:50] The magic step to reaching your goals is to get it on your calendar!

“The magic step is getting it on your calendar.” ~ Shannon Crow

[22:31] Something that helps Shannon in reaching goals is trying not to break a streak, and having accountability.


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