Reflect & Plan [Part 2] Shannon Crow & Jivana Heyman251: Reflect & Plan [Part 2] with Shannon Crow & Jivana Heyman

At the end of every year, Shannon has a personal practice of reflecting on how her year has been. In this episode, she shares more about reflecting on what didn’t work and letting that go. In her practice, Shannon has tried to include elements of non-attachment and letting go, and turned to Jivana Heyman with her questions about incorporating yoga philosophy and Sanskrit into her framework.

Shannon and Jivana discuss different elements of non-attachment mentioned in yoga texts, and how we can respectfully incorporate these teachings into our lives and daily practice. Shannon also offers a guided reflection practice with some questions to contemplate and journal on things we need to let go and release. This episode is part of a series, and an excellent guide to return to every time you need to take stock and review how things are going in your yoga business.

Key Takeaways:

[4:36] This episode is part two in a series about reflecting and planning in your yoga business.

[6:21] Part one of this exercise was looking at what went well and finding moments of contentment. Part two focuses on what didn’t work and letting that go.

“What would you like to let go of next year or next month or next quarter? What is no longer serving you?” ~ Shannon Crow

[9:49] Shannon shares what she has learned from reading yoga texts about non-attachment and letting go.

“We are not looking at how to escape every moment of discomfort or bad emotion.” ~ Shannon Crow

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[12:13] Shannon learned about Vairāgya from Jivana Heyman. She also wanted to make sure she wasn’t appropriating yoga in trying to include these elements in her reflection and planning.

[14:52] An important part of reflecting is to think about what we are distracted by and that’s pulling us off course.

[16:58] Shannon is doing a giveaway of one of Jivana’s books!

[17:31] Vairāgya is really about looking at what we want to reach for or make space for. Shannon has a small exercise to illustrate this principle.

[19:08] Shannon encourages you to make a list of things you would like to clear out and let go of or release and create space.

[22:40] Shannon talks about the continuation of learning that we are all doing.

[24:32] This framework can act as your map and your compass all wrapped into one.

“This whole framework, what we’re doing, is like your map and your compass all wrapped into one.” ~ Shannon Crow

[28:01] If we climb every single mountain alone, we would never get anywhere.

[28:10] Shannon shares some journal prompts to guide your reflection.

[30:30] Shannon introduces Jivana and shares more about why she reached out to him for this conversation.

[32:58] How can we respectfully integrate yoga into what we are doing?

“How can we apply monastic ancient teachings to our lives now? How do we do that in a respectful way?” ~ Jivana Heyman

[36:45] Jivana shares some of his thoughts on non-attachment.

“In the West, we tend to identify with the mind so much that we don’t even know what it means to identify with spirit.” ~ Jivana Heyman

[37:52] Shannon reflects on how the idea that yoga is the opposite of capitalism has played out in her own journaling and reflection this year.

[39:02] Non-attachment is about analyzing our desires.

[43:36] Non-attachment doesn’t mean having non-attachment to the things going on in the world because it’s too painful. Jivana explains more about this.

[46:08] Shannon and Jivana discuss her conundrum around integrating yoga and Sanskrit into her reflection framework.

[54:07] Shannon has three gifts for listeners!


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