Reflect & Plan [Part 1] Shannon Crow250: Reflect & Plan with Shannon Crow

At the end of every year, Shannon has a personal practice of reflecting on how her year has been. In this episode, she shares how she cultivated this practice and how she has incorporated elements of yoga and yoga philosophy into this practice. She speaks about the element of santosha, contentment, that she has brought into her reflection practice this year. In this guided reflection practice, Shannon invites us to contemplate some questions to assess our year in terms of contentment. This episode is part of a series, and an excellent guide to return to every time you need to take stock and review how things are going in your yoga business.

Key Takeaways:

[4:22] Shannon shares a little bit of background on her process in putting together this episode.

[5:35] This is a great series to return to every time you need to take stock and review how things are going in your yoga business.

[6:34] Shannon likes to do her reflections with pen and paper. She has recorded a special guided practice to help you with your reflection to focus on moments of contentment.

[9:09] Schedulicity shares the hot tip of the week.

[10:07] What can you do to bring yourself to the present moment? As we reflect on the past year to find the moments of contentment, remember to let go of certain outcomes.

“What would bring me into this present moment right now?” ~ Shannon Crow

[12:42] Notice anything around you that offers you comfort, and take a moment to appreciate yourself for taking this time as a gift to yourself and everyone around you.

“Let yourself colour outside the lines today and to do something differently.” ~ Shannon Crow

[13:52] Shannon shares some guiding questions to direct your reflection on contentment.

“When did you find inner peace this year? When did you give something your best? When did you lose track of time? When did you let go of the outcome? When did you feel compassion? When did you look at something and feel satisfaction? When did you feel successful? When did you embrace who you are? When did you honor your limits?” ~ Shannon Crow

[15:29] Shannon shares something she learned from doing this practice this year.

[17:14] How did this reflection go for you? How are you feeling after creating this list?

[17:52] Be sure to get the accompanying PDF for this episode.

[18:43] Shannon shares a review from a member of Pelvic Health Professionals.


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