Being Wrong is Part of Learning Shannon Crow247: Being Wrong is Part of Learning with Shannon Crow

We all make mistakes. We all get things wrong, and say or do the wrong things at times. It is a part of being a yoga teacher, parent, coworker, friend, colleague, family member, partner, and every other role that we play. Being wrong is a part of learning and growing. In this episode, Shannon shares more from her experience about when she was wrong about some things and how she learned from these mistakes.

Staying stuck in previous knowledge and not learning from our mistakes doesn’t help anybody. Shannon draws on her own experiences as a yoga teacher, a teacher trainer, and as a podcaster to share some mistakes she has made and how she learned from them. She also shares how we can respond to the harm and hurt we may have caused, and how to receive feedback from others about our mistakes.

Being wrong is normal. What we need to do is learn and grow from our mistakes. This episode is a great reminder to all of us to normalize being wrong and about how we can do better.

Key Takeaways:

[3:43] Being wrong is a part of being a yoga teacher.

“We can’t know everything about gardening or teaching yoga and really the best way to learn is to jump in and do the thing and learn as we go.” ~ Shannon Crow

[7:47] We need to normalize being wrong.

“Telling others that you don’t know the answer to something or admitting that you were wrong is not a weakness. It is not showing that you don’t know things. It takes a lot of strength and courage.” ~ Shannon Crow

[9:49] What would you do when you are in a position of having caused harm?

[10:48] Shannon shares an example of a mistake that happened recently within the Pelvic Health Professionals community.

[13:52] Shannon shares a personal example of how if we stay stuck in previous knowledge and stop learning, we will not be serving our students.

“If we stay stuck in previous knowledge, if we stop learning, we will not be serving our students.” ~ Shannon Crow

[16:23] Would you like to hear a podcast on what Shannon has learned about breath through the years?

[16:52] Shannon shares another example of when she learned to do better because she didn’t have the information before.

[19:54] Shannon recalls how she started learning more to do better.

[22:04] We need to get comfortable with making mistakes and being wrong, but also with having more questions than answers.

“The thing that I hope we get really comfortable with as yoga teachers is not only making mistakes and being wrong, but also ending up with way more questions than answers. ” ~ Shannon Crow

[25:12] Shannon gives a shout out to Schedulicity.

[27:01] Getting feedback is part of learning from our mistakes.

[32:25] Receiving feedback can be really uncomfortable, and this is normal.

[33:04] When someone comes forward to share the hurt or harm you have caused with your words or actions, how can you respond? Shannon shares an example from her experience and reflects on her process of learning from feedback.

[41:13] We are all wrong sometimes, whether as yoga teachers, parents, coworkers, friends, colleagues, family members, partners, and all the different roles we play.

[42:58] How can we turn to the teachings of yoga in moments when we receive feedback and feel upset or defensive?


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