Share Your Yoga on Insight Timer Liza Colpa245: Share Your Yoga on Insight Timer with Liza Colpa

For many yoga teachers now, building your unique yoga business includes figuring out how to teach yoga online. While Zoom classes and audio recordings are options, you can also consider Insight Timer as another avenue to grow your yoga business. Liza Colpa is on the podcast to share more about her experience with Insight Timer, as well as some useful information to help you get started.

Liza came to yoga as a teenager, and after ten years of practice, went on to become a yoga teacher. Today, Liza teaches yoga and meditation, and recently set up her independent and online business. She focuses on creating meditation and yoga video content for people who believe in the power of yoga and meditation as tools to improve their lives. She currently offers meditations and 1:1 coaching through Insight Timer, as well as uses Insight Timer for live classes, and online courses.

Being on Insight Timer has allowed Liza to have a well-paying career as a yoga teacher. She shares how she got started on the platform, and her tips to continue growing her audience. Liza gives her recommendations on equipment and software you can use to get started, how to get paid, and how Insight Timer can complement your yoga business. If you are looking for a new platform to grow your yoga business and become a successful, well-paid yoga teacher, this episode on Insight Timer is for you.


Key Takeaways:

[4:38] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Liza Colpa.

[7:31] Shannon gives a shout out to Schedulicity and a listener who left a review!

[11:27] What is the work that Liza does and who does she do it for?

[12:36] What prompted Liza to move onto Insight Timer?

[14:17] Some yoga teachers have tried applying to be on Insight Timer but they haven’t received any response. What are Liza’s thoughts on this?

“I truly believe that we’ve entered into a stage of quality content being really desired by these platforms.” ~ Liza Colpa

[16:42] What equipment does Liza recommend to get started on Insight Timer?

[18:02] What editing software does Liza suggest?

“As a content creator and yoga teacher and meditation teacher you are learning, sometimes as you go.” ~ Liza Colpa

[19:19] Does Liza only share pre-recorded videos or does she also do live classes?

[20:50] How does scheduling work on Insight Timer?

[21:54] Shannon and Liza discuss how payments and getting paid works on Insight Timer.

“The tools are there. It’s just a matter of being like, how do I get bold and confident and just say out loud, I’m a yoga teacher, this is my career, this is my business and every single donation that you give me, goes straight to me and thank you for supporting me and helping me support you and being a patron of my craft.” ~ Liza Colpa

[24:56] What are the rules around promoting your own offerings on Insight Timer?

[26:34] What kind of tech support or training is available for yoga teachers looking to get started?

[27:54] What is something Liza wishes she had known when she started using Insight Timer?

“The hardest part for a content creator is just to simply do it, just to record, just to hit post.” ~ Liza Colpa

[30:26] Liza shares more about doing courses on Insight Timer.

[31:54] What are some of Liza’s offerings available on Insight Timer?

[35:47] How did Liza cultivate an audience on Insight Timer?

[38:08] Find out more about Liza and her work on Insight Timer, and check out her website too.

[39:50] Are you on Insight Timer? Share with us so we can connect with you!


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