Create & Share Audio Recordings Claire Villarreal244: Create & Share Audio Recordings with Claire Villarreal

The pandemic has forced most yoga teachers to teach yoga online, but a less common alternative (or addition!) to videos is audio recordings. A lot of yoga teachers think doing audio recordings is difficult, but this isn’t the case. Claire Villarreal has a wealth of experience in creating audio recordings, and she shares all her expertise on this episode.

Claire works to adapt traditional Buddhist teachings for the demands of modern life, particularly focusing on guided meditations. She began meditating daily in 1997 in the Theravada and Vajrayāna traditions, and she has traveled to study and meditate in traditional settings around the world. She is the former Programs Director for Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism and former board member for Compassionate Houston. Currently, Claire contributes to a GenX dharma teachers community, and she is funded by the Hemera Foundation to write and podcast about what Tibetan teachings on reincarnation can teach us about living well.

Claire explains how you can record good quality audio using only your phone and a set of earbuds, as well as the software you can use to transcribe a meditation, how to edit and store your audio, what format to save it in and more technical details. This episode is for you if you want to create audio recordings for your students to take home or as a freebie to build your email list – it is a quick and easy starting place to explore if audio recordings are the right fit for your yoga business.


Key Takeaways:

[4:28] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Claire Villarreal.

[7:14] Shannon gives a shoutout to Schedulicity.

[11:55] What does Claire do and who does she do it for?

[13:01] A lot of people think that creating audio recordings is too difficult, but it’s not!

[14:01] What is the quickest way to get started doing audio recording with our phones?

“It’ll probably take recording some test recordings a few times to get your setup right. But once you have your setup the way you want it, it’s pretty easy to just go back in and record another episode.” ~ Claire Villarreal

[15:01] Audio recordings can also be helpful in situations where visuals aren’t the best way to convey the message.

[15:42] How should the microphone be set up for the best audio quality?

“You have to figure out the right relationship between the microphone and your mouth.” ~ Claire Villarreal

[17:36] What is the best way to edit audio to make it sound good?

[20:31] Shannon pops in with an update on the episode on closed captions for Zoom with Landon Stacy and to talk about the transcription tool she uses.

[24:07] What does Claire recommend doing with the transcript of your audio recording?

[26:03] Claire recommends recording a live session or training you are doing and using the transcript of that as a starting point for a script you can read.

[26:56] Claire shares some tips around where to record.

[28:40] Claire talks about her process of recording and what she does after she has recorded her audio.

[30:54] Tip: If possible, record in a wav format rather than mp3 format.

“If possible, it’s great to record in a wav format instead of MP3.” ~ Claire Villarreal

[33:27] Claire makes a note about recording directly to your computer vs. to your phone and transferring to the computer.

[35:57] Audacity is a good option for audio editing software that you can use to clean up the audio recording.

[37:17] Claire describes the three main functions she performs using her audio editing software.

[39:04] Shannon shares some of her tips from her experience of recording podcasts.

[40:23] How can we achieve a meditation quality in our audio recordings?

“How you’re feeling comes across so clearly in your voice.” ~ Claire Villarreal

[42:38] Claire shares a little about teaching on Insight Timer.

[48:04] Check out the next episode for more information about using Insight Timer in your yoga business.

[48:43] Insight Timer presents a huge opportunity for yoga teachers.

[49:28] How can we stop our audio recordings from turning off automatically?

[52:52] Claire shares some final thoughts about creating and sharing audio recordings.

“I think it is better to put stuff out there and get feedback and grow than to hold back because you think you’re not good enough.” ~ Claire Villarreal

[54:14] Connect with Claire via her website and check out her podcast!

[55:05] Are you going to start using audio recordings in your yoga business? Let us know in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group!


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