Scope of Practice & Compassion Drew Hume237: Scope of Practice & Compassion with Drew Hume

There is a lot of fear, misconceptions and misinformation about the COVID vaccine being shared in online spaces. As yoga teachers, what lies within our scope of practice when it comes to talking about vaccination, and how can we approach this topic with compassion? Shannon Crow and Drew Hume discuss a recent post by Gil Hedley in the broader context of conversations happening in the yoga community around vaccination and related topics.

Drew Hume is Founder & Director at Navina, where he and his team offer training and certifications in Thai yoga therapy. Drew’s background is in Human Biology, and he holds a degree in Applied Science of Human Biology. While not specifically an expert in virology, public health and in vaccines, he has studied all of those topics to a degree at the university level. As a trained yoga instructor, Drew also teaches certain courses to yoga instructors specifically in anatomy, physiology and also in manual therapy.

In this honest and open conversation, Shannon and Drew discuss the harms caused by comparing vaccination to non-related, unequivalent events, and how we can react when we encounter misinformation or falsehoods online. They also explore whether requirements and policies put into place about vaccination are a form of coercion, what truly is within our scope of practice as yoga teachers, and dispel some of the myths around being “healthy” as sufficient protection against COVID. These are tough conversations and difficult decisions – we invite you to approach them with compassion.

Key Takeaways:

[2:26] This week’s episode is a recent live episode with Drew Hume.

[4:47] Shannon opens the interview by sharing her stance on vaccination against COVID, and shares how we can approach these difficult and uncomfortable conversations.

[5:47] Drew introduces himself and his background.

[6:45] Shannon and Drew are having this conversation in light of a recent post by Gil Hedley, and in the broader context of conversations happening in the yoga community around vaccination and related topics.

“All evidence is not equally weighted. All perspectives are not equal, and validity is not encapsulated in the presence of an opinion. Validity is based upon the weight of evidence, as opposed to simply being an idea that’s present or presented.” ~ Drew Hume

[8:53] One of the things mentioned in the post was a comparison of the vaccine to the Holocaust, intersex surgery and circumcision. Why is that harmful?

[15:55] Drew brings up the idea of informed consent in the context of the vaccine.

“The reality of the situation is, we all do have the choice to either take the vaccine or not.” ~ Drew Hume

[18:29] Are some of the policies being put into place, like vaccine passports and requiring proof of vaccination to participate in certain activities, a form of coercion?

[23:43] Shannon and Drew explore the idea of scope of practice. Who are the experts we should be listening to, and how can we find that expert information to guide our choices?

“Scope of practice, especially when we have influence with other people is really important. It’s a really important boundary to set for ourselves and therefore a boundary with which we protect the people that we’re in contact with.” ~ Drew Hume

[29:25] Shannon gives a shout out to Schedulicity.

[30:55] What should we do if we see misinformation being posted or shared?

[34:47] Shannon addresses some dangerous misinformation about the vaccine. A common misconception is that the vaccine is not FDA approved. Drew debunks this myth.

[37:19] Another fear-based statement is that people are dying from the vaccine, not COVID. Drew addresses this untruthful statement.

“To a degree, there is a certain amount of fear for everyone regarding something, whether it’s fear around infection from the virus or fear around all of the other things that have been said about the vaccine.” ~ Drew Hume

[38:08] Shannon and Drew discuss another common comment that a healthy body and immune system is an alternative to vaccination.

[40:33] The pandemic has brought to light how our society has normalized the idea and verbalization that chronically ill or disabled people’s lives don’t matter.

“Actions taken for the benefit of other people are incredibly valuable, in some cases, life saving.” ~ Drew Hume

[44:30] Shannon brings up the confusion around vaccinated people wearing mask, and the importance placed on being “healthy”.

[47:52] To what extent is a fully vaccinated yoga class safe?

“[We need to] think about also how our actions and decisions influence other people in all aspects of our lives. We are in no way isolated from the existence of the people who surround us, in no way, shape or form.” ~ Drew Hume

[50:16] Shannon and Drew explore concerns around disclosing health and medical information.

“Your own right to privacy is not more important than another person’s right to safety.” ~ Drew Hume

[51:54] A listener shares their fears about not being able to visit with elderly parents for fear of breakthrough infections.

[53:26] A listener asks: How are children being affected in all of this, because they can’t be vaccinated?

[55:05] Drew addresses a final point about relying on our immune systems and appropriate supplementation.

[56:33] This is a very divisive topic and we may be faced with tough conversations and difficult decisions as we navigate this situation. Shannon and Drew discuss approaching with compassion and openness, and really being aware of the nuances in this complex time.

[59:04] Find out more about Drew, his work, and bees in Costa Rica on Instagram and Facebook.

[60:22] Shannon shares her reflections and takeaways from this interview.


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