Five Steps to Effective Content Shannon Crow [Part 5]236: Five Steps to Effective Content with Shannon Crow [Part 5]

Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to creating content for your yoga business? Maybe you feel like you don’t know what to post, or how to share about your unique yoga offering. In this 5-part mini-training, Shannon Crow walks us through a 5 step process to create effective content.

The last step to creating effective content easily is the PLAN to share, schedule and repurpose the content you are creating. Shannon talks more about how to create content in batches, scheduling tools that can help you get ahead in content creation, and how she maps out her content. She also has some tips on repurposing content, so be sure to tune in!

Key Takeaways:

[2:52] In this episode, Shannon is diving into the last step of the 5-step process to make content creation easy and effective.

[4:02] Shannon recaps the first four steps to creating effective content.

[5:22] Listen to the hot tip of the week from Schedulicity.

[6:46] Shannon reminds us that the yoga and content we share are unique!

“Your yoga and your content that you share are unique. No one can copy or steal it.” ~ Shannon Crow

[9:09] It’s okay to do a B- job with these action steps! The important thing is to take action.

“Remember to keep coming back to [content creation] like you would a yoga pose that you’re really working on and it will get easier.” ~ Shannon Crow

[10:03] Once you’re in the content creation mode, think of how you can schedule out your content. Shannon shares her experience with batching and scheduling, and how that works for her.

[11:06] Shannon recommends Facebook Business Suite to help with scheduling.

[12:06] Shannon explains how she maps out her content.

[12:39] Once you’ve figured out a set of content for one platform, consider sharing it on other platforms.

“Go ahead and repeat yourself over and over again.” ~ Shannon Crow

[14:13] Pay attention to how you write your content, and keep it all in one place!

“What can you repurpose and what can you repeat?” ~ Shannon Crow

[15:51] Shannon shares the action step for this episode.


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