Five Steps to Effective Content Shannon Crow [Part 4]235: Five Steps to Effective Content with Shannon Crow [Part 4]

Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to creating content for your yoga business? Maybe you feel like you don’t know what to post, or how to share about your unique yoga offering. In this 5-part mini-training, Shannon Crow walks us through a 5 step process to create effective content.

Step 4 is where this content creation process gets juicy. Shannon explores the HOW of content creation and encourages you to think about how you will show up. Video, audio, text, images – these are some ways you can show up. You just have to pick one to start. Shannon has some great brainstorming questions to inspire you to create content, and two very simple tips that can make a huge difference in creating effective content.

Key Takeaways:

[2:36] This episode is all about Step 4 of Shannon’s content creation process!

[3:51] Shannon recaps the first three steps of this process.

[5:44] Step 4 is about answering the question HOW – video, text, audio or images?

“Where would you be able to start with this without any hesitation?” ~ Shannon Crow

[7:35] The action step for this episode is to choose one (only one!) way to share content. How are you going to show up?

“The key right now is to only choose one thing, one way that you are going to share right now.” ~ Shannon Crow

[8:31] Shannon shares some tips on how to stay on top of content ideas.

“Another key piece of this is to keep all of your content ideas – the brainstorming, the planning, all of the ideas – in one location.” ~ Shannon Crow

[10:35] Shannon gives a shout out to the sponsor, Schedulicity.

[12:46] Need some inspiration for your content? Shannon shares some ideas to get you started.

“Do not be afraid to stand out.” ~ Shannon Crow

[20:59] If you’re struggling with consistency, Shannon has some insights on consistency vs. quality.

“Yoga teachers need to create consistent content to get to their best quality content.” ~ Shannon Crow

[22:07] Two more tips for effective content creation – split up your content, and include a call to action!

[23:30] Shannon shares thanks, and highlights the action step for this week.

Content Ideas:

  • Your Big Why – What is your next big yoga offering?
  • Share yoga resources
  • Ask your students for questions
  • What holidays are coming up? Or days of awareness that your students might be interested in?
  • Your own experience with yoga
  • What does self-care look like to you?
  • What is your specialty or niche?
  • What yoga poses, breath practices, meditation techniques, mantras or mudras do you love or hate or what ones help with a specific struggle that you or your students are dealing with?
  • What do you hear people complaining about?
  • Share a favourite recipe or life hack
  • Don’t be afraid to take a stand


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