Five Steps to Effective Content Shannon Crow [Part 3]234: Five Steps to Effective Content with Shannon Crow [Part 3]

Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to creating content for your yoga business? Maybe you feel like you don’t know what to post, or how to share about your unique yoga offering. In this 5-part mini-training, Shannon Crow walks us through a 5 step process to create effective content.

Once you figure out when and why you are creating content, the third step is to figure out WHERE. There are a multitude of content channels available to us these days, from social media, to our websites, to podcasts, and more – but to get started, you just have to pick one. Shannon shares two questions to ask yourself to determine the best content channel for you, and highlights some of the most powerful content channels we may be overlooking!

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] Shannon is covering Step 3 of the five-step miniseries on creating effective content

[3:48] Shannon recaps Steps 1 and 2 of her process.

[4:31] Step 3 is all about figuring out where to share your content.

“What is the most effective place for me to share my content so that people see it, are interested, feel connected to it and sign up if it’s a good fit?” ~ Shannon Crow

[5:32] To figure out where you should be posting, there are two questions you should ask yourself.

“What platform is your ideal yoga student already using?” ~ Shannon Crow

[8:04] Shannon highlights some of the channels we might be overlooking to share our content.

[11:26] Social media is often the channel we think of when we think about where to share our content.

[12:41] Looking at the list of channels available to share your content can feel overwhelming, but you just have to choose one.

“Remember we are only choosing one thing, and that one thing is going to make all the difference.” ~ Shannon Crow

[13:39] Shannon shares a small pep talk if you’re experiencing some imposter syndrome.

[16:16] Shannon gives thanks and shares the Schedulicity hot tip of the week. 

[17:33] Shannon recaps the action step for this episode.

Content Channels:

    • Friends & Family
    • Introduce your specialty not just “yoga teacher” 
    • Referrals
    • Business cards 
    • Local News 
    • In-Person Presentations 
    • YTT                
    • Weekly/bi-weekly or monthly newsletter 
    • Freebie 
    • Nurture Sequence   
    • Your Own Website 
    • Featured Guest Articles
    • Facebook 
    • Instagram 
    • Tik Tok 
    • Snapchat 
    • LinkedIn 
    • Google Ads
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest
  • BOOK
    • Print / e-book


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