Five Steps to Effective Content Shannon Crow [Part 2]233: Five Steps to Effective Content with Shannon Crow [Part 2]

Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to creating content for your yoga business? Maybe you feel like you don’t know what to post, or how to share about your unique yoga offering. In this 5-part mini-training, Shannon Crow walks us through a 5 step process to create effective content.

Creating content can be fun, but what’s the real reason you’re actually creating content? The second step of creating effective content  is figuring out the WHY – why are you creating content? Without understanding why you are doing it, your content will not be aligned with your goals, and you probably will not achieve the results you are hoping for. Shannon explains more about this step in the content creation process and shares an action step for you to get started!

Key Takeaways:

[2:23] In this episode, Shannon is diving into Step 2 of her content creation process!

[3:30] Shannon does a quick recap of Step 1 – When.

[4:53] Step 2 is all about answering the big WHY. Why are you creating content?

“Why are you creating content? It cannot be just for the fun of it!” ~ Shannon Crow

[8:20] No matter what our goals are in our yoga business, we still need to make a profit.

“What do you want your business or your life to feel like in the near future?” ~ Shannon Crow

[10:10] What would help you generate more profit right now?

[13:44] You are not alone in this!

[14:22] Action step: Create a visual for your next offering that you’d like to promote.

“Ask yourself two questions. ‘What is the impact that this offering is going to make to those who sign up?’ And, ‘Who could I invite next?'” ~ Shannon Crow

[20:36] Check out the Schedulicity hot tip of the week.

[21:51] Shannon highlights the action step for you to do right now!

Reasons Why Yoga Teachers Are Creating Content:

  • Grow their business
  • Grow their email list
  • Get more yoga students 
  • Increasing profit
  • Build a community
  • Share yoga with more people
  • Gain more followers on social media
  • Become known as an expert
  • Be part of a healthcare team — gain referrals
  • Sell courses, online classes or a product
  • Get hired by a yoga studio
  • Become a famous yoga teacher
  • Easily fill a retreat, workshop, Yoga Teacher Training or event


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