Conscious Marketing Tristan Katz231: Conscious Marketing with Tristan Katz

More and more yoga teachers are digging into how to take their yoga off the mat and continue anti-oppression and social justice work in the world. But how can you reflect this in your marketing, and do it in a way that is genuine and authentic? Tristan Katz has some insights about how to be more conscious in your marketing as a yoga teacher.

Tristan Katz is a writer, educator, and digital strategist who offers business and marketing mentorship programs, web and graphic design services, as well as workshops and trainings centered around queer identity and transgender awareness with an anti-oppression and intersectional lens. Tristan also co-hosts the podcast, ALL THE F*CK IN with Lauren Roberts, where they talk about business and entrepreneurship with the radical perspective that we don’t have to choose between social justice values and being successful. Tristan also sits on the Board of Directors at Accessible Yoga. Through their work, Tristan supports those who seek to grow while staying aligned with the practices of yoga, equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

Tristan shares more about conscious marketing and how we can connect with our audience in an authentic way that doesn’t feel forced or icky. They also explain how to find the balance between being compassionate about things happening in the world, and promoting your offerings that can help people, and why taking a stand and showcasing your values and beliefs is important, despite the negative reactions you may get.

If you’ve been doing some work around anti oppression and inclusion, and if you’re really wanting to reflect that in your marketing and share your message in a genuine way, this conversation is a must-listen.

Key Takeaways:

[9:43] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Tristan Katz.

[11:38] What is the work that Tristan does and who do they do it for?

“This is about cultivating community and connection and aligning ourselves with what matters in the practice of yoga.” ~ Tristan Katz

[12:56] What are Tristan’s thoughts on marketing?

[15:36] Combining marketing with social justice and anti-oppression can feel uncomfortable for a lot of us. Tristan shares some of their thoughts around that.

“How do we take up space in ways that are mindful and aligned with our practice, with our personalities, with our personal values?” ~ Tristan Katz

[21:49] Putting ourselves out there and taking a stand can draw some negative responses. Why would we put ourselves in that position?

[27:50] How can we add what we’re learning to our marketing messages?

[34:42] How does Tristan approach certain feelings that may come up around not wanting to share about the news or other important topics?

“Silence is no longer okay. Avoiding the conversation is no longer okay.” ~ Tristan Katz

[37:11] Marketing is all about taking an intimate interpersonal relationship and expanding on it for our community.

“How can we offer something meaningful in our marketing that makes a point of connection, and that builds a relationship with people?” ~ Tristan Katz

[39:38] How can we find a balance between being compassionate for the things people are going through and putting our offerings out there?

[43:49] Tristan highlights the need to do work that is not merely performative or superficial virtue signaling.

“I think that we need to stop pretending that things are normal when they’re not normal, and that’s step one.” ~ Tristan Katz

[46:55] There is no one sentence that you can put on your website to show that you care about social issues. The work goes much deeper than that.

[52:16] Shannon and Tristan discuss the training they have put together for yoga teachers.

[53:34] What are your key takeaways from this interview?


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