Closed Captioning for Zoom Yoga Landen Stacy229: Closed Captioning for Zoom Yoga with Landen Stacy

Do you have closed captions or live transcription enabled for your Zoom classes? It is something small that you can do in just a few minutes, which really makes a huge difference to a lot of people. Landen Stacy how you can make your Zoom classes more accessible by adding closed captions to them. 

Landen Stacy is the owner of Emerald Yoga Studio located in Pembroke, Massachusetts. Landen discovered yoga in high school and has continued his yoga journey since then, eventually going on to complete his YTT at the studio he now owns. 

Landen loves teaching and the ability to create accessible classes in his studio, and aims to create the yoga studio he always wishes he had – one that is accessible, inclusive, welcoming and safe for everyone.

What do you need to add closed captions to Zoom? Why are closed captions important? What are the pros and cons of different transcription settings? Landen answers these questions and more, including other ways in which he makes yoga classes at his studio more accessible to people.

If you are looking for ways to improve your student experience and create more welcoming and accessible yoga spaces, both online and in-person, this episode is a must listen. 

Key Takeaways:

[8:02] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Landen Stacy.

[9:41] Landen shares a bit about his yoga journey, and how he decided to do closed captioning.

“I love the ability to create accessible classes in my studio.” ~ Landen Stacy

[12:10] What was the teaching situation where Landen lives?

[12:32] Some students specifically take Landen’s classes because his classes have closed captions.

“It’s such a small thing that you can do, that really helps a lot of people.” ~ Landen Stacy

[14:58] What are the benefits of adding closed captions to your Zoom classes?

“[Closed captioning] is good for a whole plethora of people who are looking for that extra layer of being able to understand.” ~ Landen Stacy

[16:35] What are the requirements on Zoom to enable closed captions?

[17:45] Get the step-by-step instructions on how to enable closed captions on Zoom via the links in the show notes!

[18:28] What are the pros and cons of different transcription settings?

[21:36] Check out the transcription tool that Shannon uses –

[23:06] Landen and Shannon discuss how useful it is to be able to add closed captions and live transcriptions to Zoom calls.

“Just having this virtual option has really opened doors so much.” ~ Landen Stacy

[24:20] How does Landen communicate the availability of closed captions to the students attending his classes?

[26:46] How has Landen’s experience been owning a yoga studio through the pandemic?

[28:26] What are some ways Landen makes classes in his studio more accessible?

[31:52] Landen shares some final thoughts from his own yoga journey.

“I think I’m trying to create the studio that I always wish that I had.” ~ Landen Stacy

[34:56] Find out more about Landen’s work and his studio by visiting his website or connect with him over email.

[35:58] What are your takeaways from this interview? 


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