223: Make Your Yoga Website Stand Out with Danbee Shin

Not too long ago, online yoga teachers were pretty rare and unique, but everyone has had to move their yoga online because of the pandemic. Now, it feels like being an online yoga teacher is so common. How can you make your yoga website stand out from the rest, and really make an impact in the online space? Danbee Shin has some tips. 

Danbee is a Web Designer and Copywriter who focuses on helping online coaches and teachers get more clients with their websites, so they can empower more people all around the world while doing work they love. Through simple, minimalist websites, Danbee produces high-converting web designs that help her clients grow their email lists, book out their calendars, sign new clients and hit their income goals.

Danbee shares more about some of the common mistakes people make, and some practical tips to avoid these mistakes. She also has some great insights about building your brand story, why pictures are so important, and action steps that you can implement right away to make your website stand out.

This is a super useful episode if you’ve been wanting to freshen up your website a bit, add something new, or get people signing up for your offerings on your website.

Key Takeaways:

[8:16] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Danbee Shin

[9:36] What does Danbee do and who does she do it for? How did she get started?

[10:40] How did the pandemic impact Danbee’s business?

[11:21] What is the first thing to be aware of to stand out online?

“When you feel like you’re talking about it way too much, that’s probably the right amount of time to be talking about it out there. Because that’s when people start remembering that story about you.” ~ Danbee Shin

[13:48] Danbee shares some examples of when using a story to capture a message is more effective.

[15:32] There are four big steps to figuring out your brand story.

[19:15] Shannon gives an update on Pelvic Health Professionals and the guest expert talk on PCOS.

[20:11] Danbee gives another example of a health coach and their brand story.

[23:10] What are some questions you can ask yourself to figure out your brand story?

[24:37] What is Danbee’s response to yoga teachers who think that social media is all about inauthentic self-promotion?

“One of the biggest mistakes I see my clients make before we start working together is they don’t talk enough about themselves.” ~ Danbee Shin

[25:54] Does Danbee recommend written stories or videos?

[27:02] What are some other ways yoga teachers can stand out?

[28:59] Many yoga teachers often don’t want to focus on the problem, and are hesitant to put wording related to the problems their clients may be experiencing on their website. What is Danbee’s response to that?

[30:40] Does Danbee ask her clients to interview their favorite clients or does she do that for them, when working on their website?

[32:56] Danbee and Shannon discuss why it’s not narcissistic to tell your story.

“One of the most powerful things you can do is tell stories about yourself and about your yoga teaching business.” ~ Danbee Shin

[34:40] Where in our websites should we focus on telling these stories?

[36:10] Should you list all of your qualifications and certifications on your website?

[38:01] It’s important to include pictures of yourself to stand out!

“It’s better to have the same picture on every single page than no picture.” ~ Danbee Shin

[41:46] What tips does Danbee have for yoga teachers who want to update their website?

[43:36] Looking at other websites to get inspiration vs planning it out on paper – which does Danbee recommend?

[46:04] Danbee has some tips around writing copy for your website.

[48:30] Check out Danbee’s free resource if you’re putting your own website together!

[51:12] Shannon shares her key takeaways from this interview with Danbee. 


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