215: Corporate Yoga [Part 1] with Samantha Harrison

If you have been teaching yoga for a while and are wondering how you can start teaching corporate yoga, and how you can get in front of different businesses, especially now that a lot of businesses have moved online – Samantha Harrison has the answers for you.

Samantha is the founder of Samantha Harrison Yoga and the creator of the Online Corporate Yoga Teacher Training. Samantha found yoga as a burned-out, stressed-out pre-med student, and realized that her true calling was to help her fellow over-achievers and time-crunched professionals experience the benefits of yoga on and off the mat. Today, Samantha is a full-time corporate and private yoga teacher in Greenville, NC and also leads an annual 200-HR YTT. To help other yoga teachers offer corporate yoga as well, Samantha has consolidated all her knowledge into a practical, action-oriented training – the Online Corporate Yoga Teacher Training.

Teaching corporate yoga is not like teaching at a yoga studio or a gym. Samantha highlights some of the biggest differences to keep in mind when teaching corporate yoga, as well as how yoga teachers can get into this space. Shannon and Samantha also dig into what to charge, what to do when things don’t go according to plan and the rest of the nitty-gritty details of offering corporate yoga.

This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to get into the corporate space teaching yoga, and Samantha has just the tips you need to get started.

Key Takeaways:

[11:05] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Samantha Harrison.

[12:42] How did Samantha choose corporate yoga as her specialty?

[14:14] A lot of Samantha’s initial clients were through relationships she had developed over time.

[14:38] Samantha shares a bit more about how her classes are organized.

[15:34] A big part of our marketing really boils down to communication and having interactions with people.

“It’s helpful for yoga teachers to just always have in mind ‘How can I be helpful to someone?’.” ~ Samantha Harris

[17:00] How many classes does Samantha teach per week? She shares more about how she runs her business.

[18:28] What are some of the biggest differences between teaching yoga in a corporate setting vs. in a studio?

“You just always have to be ready to improvise.” ~ Samantha Harris

[21:20] What is the biggest pain point that people in offices have that yoga helps them with?

[23:28] How does Samantha recommend yoga teachers set up relationships with people leading organizations?

“When the head of the organization, the President, or someone in the executive office sees the value in it, that makes a huge difference.” ~ Samantha Harris

[26:01] What is the payment structure for corporate yoga?

[27:45] How does Samantha price her offerings?

[33:13] Samantha has a few tips on how to make teaching corporate yoga work.

[35:12] Samantha explains what she offers in the Online Corporate Yoga Teacher Training.

[40:26] Shannon shares some of her biggest takeaways from this interview with Samantha.


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