214: Yoga Class Bloopers with Shannon & Sinead

As yoga teachers, we’ve all had those moments while teaching a class. When we get our left and right mixed up, or our brain thinks of something to say but our mouth gets it all wrong, or you get completely confused with your sequence, or any other number of awkward, embarrassing, and often absolutely hilarious “bloopers” – it’s all a part of the teaching experience!

On this episode, Shannon and Sinead O’Connor read out some of the funny stories and anecdotes Connected Yoga Teachers from The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group shared. They also share a few of their own personal stories of embarrassing and strange things that have happened in their yoga classes.

If you’re in need of a good laugh, this episode is for you.

Special thanks to Mary Donovan for posting the original thread that sparked all these comments, and to all the Connected Yoga Teachers who shared their stories!

Key Takeaways:

[:17] Happy (belated) April Fool’s day!

[1:44] Shannon is hosting a workshop about Pelvic Girdle Pain.

[3:19] Shout out to Mary Donovan who inspired this episode, and Sinead O’Connor, member of The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast team for joining Shannon on the episode!

[4:45] We’ve all had funny moments in our yoga classes. Shannon and Sinead read out some of the “bloopers” yoga teachers have shared in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group.

“We hope that you get to laugh along with us!” ~ Shannon Crow

[17:35] Sinead shares an embarrassing moment she had from teaching online.

[18:59] Shannon shares a few of the weirdest moments she’s experienced in a yoga class.

“We’re laughing together on this!” ~ Shannon Crow

[21:58] Send in your stories! We’d love to hear them!

[23:04] Connect with Sinead via Instagram to find out more about her yoga offerings. 

[23:38] Want to learn how to draw yoga sequences? Sign up for the training by Eva-Lotta Lamm!


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