213: Work-Life Balance with Dawn Vason

Almost everybody struggles with work-life balance. We have so many things to do in our yoga business, our personal life, our community and more, in addition to dealing with a pandemic. We may find ourselves wondering if work-life balance is a myth and an unattainable goal. Should we even be striving for balance in our lives? Dawn Vason tells us we should, and how to achieve it in this podcast episode.

Dawn Vason is a mindset and manifestation coach and yoga teacher. After some personal challenges, Dawn turned to holistic study and discovered the power of healthy habits and plant-based remedies. In order to share what she had learned with others, she created JaviWellness: Holistic Health and Plant-Based Solutions. As a success and self-care coach at Holistically Whole: Wealth & Wellness Coaching for Women, Dawn empowers and equips women to balance life and business while practicing good self-care. In addition to her business ventures, Dawn is also a mother of four children whom she homeschools.

Life can sometimes feel overwhelming, but Dawn has some practical tips around planning time for both life and work. She also shares her insights about how to build a business while raising a family, particularly in this time of working from home and homeschooling. Shannon and Dawn open up about dealing with parenting (or other) guilt, and explore what it takes to really balance work, your business, parenting, and all the different pieces that make up your life. Hint: Balance is not a destination, it’s a journey!

If you have been wondering how you can feel less worried, and more calm and organized in life, this episode is for you. 

Key Takeaways:

[10:40] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Dawn Vason.

[12:31] What is the work that Dawn does and who does she do it for?

[14:20] Dawn shares a little about her family and some of the challenges that have brought her to where she is today.

[15:42] Is it possible to find work-life balance?

“Balance is achievable, but it’s a constant give-and-take for it.” ~ Dawn Vason

[18:15] What are some of the things that have helped Dawn manage her life?

“It has to be systems over schedules and goals.” ~ Dawn Vason

[24:20] Dawn elaborates on the idea of having systems over goals.

“Allow yourself grace to find what works for you.” ~ Dawn Vason

[27:42] Shannon and Dawn explore how we can use systems to reach our goals with the example of growing an email list.

[31:39] How can we use systems to find balance in our lives?

[41:25] A lot of us feel guilt around our actions and inactions. What are some of Dawn’s tips to deal with that guilt?

[44:30] Shannon highlights how important mindfulness is for her in helping to ease the guilt. Dawn has some tips around self-talk that can help.

[48:48] Knowing what “enough” is can be super powerful, but we think we haven’t done enough, it can hinder our progress. Dawn speaks to this.

[52:05] What are some small steps we can take to move toward creating a self-care routine?

“All of the things that we say we don’t have time for – those are the things you need to make time for.” ~ Dawn Vason

[56:23] What helps Dawn come back to balance amidst juggling all the different parts of her life?

[58:49] Find out more about Dawn and the work that she does via her website and social media.

[1:00:38] Shannon shares her key takeaways from this interview.


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