212: Menopause Myths and Facts with Shirley Weir

A topic some people might not feel comfortable talking about is menopause, yet this is something that concerns not just people who menstruate (about half the world’s population!) Chances are, even people who don’t menstruate live with or support people who do. However, a lot of menstruating people often start perimenopause and reach menopause with no idea about the changes their bodies are undergoing and how to deal with them. Shirley Weir, Menopause Chick, is ready to bust some of the common myths surrounding menopause and share the facts about this “taboo” topic.

Shirley Weir first began experiencing symptoms related to perimenopause more than 10 years ago and was unable to find answers to her questions. Feeling confused, overwhelmed and alone, she realized other people must be struggling with the same issues, and launched MenopauseChicks.com to empower people to talk openly about perimenopause and menopause, to navigate midlife health information, and to connect to health professionals in this area. Since then, Shirley has spoken at conferences internationally, received awards for her work, and been featured widely in publications. She also authored MOKITA: How to Navigate Perimenopause with Confidence & Ease, which reached #1 on Amazon.ca in women’s health. 

Did you know that menopause is only one day? Shirley shares the difference between perimenopause and menopause, and what is “normal” or common and what’s not during perimenopause leading up to menopause. She also shares useful information when to talk to your doctor, and about how to educate yourself in case your healthcare team isn’t up to date with research in perimenopause. Shirley and Shannon discuss how yoga can be helpful in bringing relief to people experiencing symptoms and some of the things to be aware around perimenopause and menopause as yoga teachers.

Key Takeaways:

[8:05] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Shirley Weir.

[9:30] A note on gender-neutral language in this topic, and why this topic is not just for women.

[11:36] How did Shirley get into the work of highlighting information around menopause?

[15:43] Shirley shares a lot of great information about menopause in her Facebook Group.

[18:07] What is menopause? What is perimenopause?

“Menopause is one day. It’s the 12th month anniversary of your final period.” ~ Shirley Weir

[24:09] When does perimenopause start?

[26:39] Shirley touches on the topic of hot flashes and the symptoms during perimenopause, and how we as a society deal with them.

“Stress significantly impacts female hormones.” ~ Shirley Weir

[30:40] We can’t blame the medical system for the lack of information around perimenopause and menopause.

“Perimenopause and menopause are not medical conditions. They’re phases of life.” ~ Shirley Weir

[31:45] What are some of the myths around perimenopause and menopause that yoga teachers need to be aware of?

[35:30] The message that women are often told is that this will get better with time. Shirley challenges this message.

“There’s a lot of innuendo around women’s health that we are meant to suffer.” ~ Shirley Weir

[40:47] When it comes to perimenopause and menopause, your healthcare professional may not always have all the answers.

[45:27] Shirley shares some other things to note that could empower yoga teachers in working with perimenopausal people.

[49:04] Do changes in hormones play a part in our happiness?

[50:27] What does Shirley say to support people who are struggling in this phase of life?

[55:01] Learn more about Shirley’s work on social media and her Facebook group.

[55:29] Shirley shares more about her book, MOKITA.

[59:10] Shannon shares some of her key takeaways from this interview.


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