206: Get More Private Yoga Clients with Megan Spears

A common question among yoga teachers is “How can I get more private yoga clients?”. Many of us feel like we lack the confidence and knowledge to teach private yoga, but that shouldn’t stop us from diving in. In this episode, Megan Spears shares how she felt the same, but eventually took the plunge and grew her private yoga business from 0 students to 15 per week.

Megan Spears is a Private Yoga and Movement Coach based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Megan began practicing yoga in 2005, and teaching in 2014. In addition to the E-RYT 500hr Yoga Teacher Training, Megan is also trained in Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy, Functional Yoga, Radiance Sutras Meditation, and other specializations. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Health Promotion and Exercise Science at Oklahoma State University. Megan describes her mission as empowering athletes, yoga beginners, and those recovering from an injury to be strong in their practice, and she focuses on helping co-create a practice with her clients that truly fits and enhances their lifestyle.

Despite having the same fears and mindset issues around teaching private yoga when she first started, Megan decided to push ahead with 1:1 sessions. She shares how she gained the confidence and knowledge to teach 1:1, and how she transitioned from group classes to private yoga. Megan also reveals her strategy for dealing with no-shows and cancellations for private bookings, as well as her unique marketing strategy to get new private clients, while looking after her existing clients.

If you have been thinking about shifting to teaching private yoga, or are just wondering what you can do to get more new private clients, this is a great episode.

Key Takeaways:

[9:15] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Megan Spears.

[11:07] What does Megan do and who does she do it for?

[11:50] When did Megan make the switch from teaching group classes to 1:1 sessions?

“Because I made it known that I was a private yoga teacher and that I was taking on private clients, … I could be top of mind.” ~ Megan Spears

[13:50] Why did Megan feel unprepared to teach 1:1 yoga and what helped her prepare?

[16:20] What is different about teaching private yoga compared to group classes?

[17:22] How did Megan go from one private client a week to 15?

[19:40] What does Megan’s yoga offering look like now?

[21:19] How does Megan deal with people who do one private session with her and never follow up?

[22:35] Does Megan do in-person or online classes? What was it like before COVID?

[23:25] How does Megan deal with teaching online?

[28:40] What is Megan’s process with new clients?

“Generally speaking, I would say the first session is maybe 1/3 conversational intake, the second third movement, and then questions.” ~ Megan Spears

[31:08] How does Megan remember to do follow-ups with her students?

[32:15] The doors are open to Pelvic Health Professionals!

[32:54] What makes Megan’s 1:1 sessions unique?

“There’s more conversation and more adaptation within a private session.” ~ Megan Spears

[34:30] Megan explains a bit more about how she shares content with her audience.

[36:16] Does Megan do postural analysis with her clients?

[38:55] When transitioning from group classes to private, how did Megan deal with the pushback from students who either don’t want to do private or don’t want to pay?

“I continued to teach a variety of group classes while hosting my private students as well so that there were options for people.” ~ Megan Spears

[40:47] How does Megan deal with mindset issues around charging more for private yoga sessions?

[44:09] A listener asks – I get a lot of inquiry about private yoga but nobody has actually followed through with it. I have also had some last minute cancellations or no-shows. How do you deal with this?

[46:33] What is Megan’s cancellation policy?

[47:53] The videos that Megan shares on her social media is what prompts some people to reach out to her. Megan talks about her current marketing strategy.

“A really helpful part of being an individual or private yoga teacher is creating content for the client that relays something that they learned in the session, and that content can be shared widely.” ~ Megan Spears

[51:38] What was Megan’s marketing plan when she was building her private yoga business?

[52:55] How often does Megan email her list?

[54:26] What does Megan suggest to yoga teachers who are thinking about bringing in more 1:1 students?

[56:03] Many yoga teachers may think they don’t have all the answers for their students when teaching 1:1. What is Megan’s response to that?

[58:05] Find out more about Megan and her work via her website, email or Instagram.

[59:17] Shannon shares some of her key takeaways from this interview.


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