204: What to Charge for Online Yoga with Shannon Crow204: What to Charge for Online Yoga with Shannon Crow

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many yoga teachers have moved their offerings online. With this shift from in-person to virtual yoga classes, a question that often came up is – how much should I charge for online yoga classes?

To answer this question, Shannon Crow shares her thoughts and insights around the factors to consider, not just when pricing online yoga classes but in-person classes, workshops, courses or other offerings. Shannon explains more about perceived value in pricing, the hidden costs of running a yoga business, and how undercharging for your yoga classes can impact the whole yoga industry. She also digs into money mindset issues that we may face and shares some tips to challenge these restrictions we may place on ourselves.

If you have been struggling with figuring out what to charge for your yoga offerings, this episode is a great starting point.

Key Takeaways:

[:53] Many yoga teachers reached out with questions around pricing their online yoga classes when the pandemic first hit.

[1:41] Before you ask how much to charge for online yoga, consider how much you’re charging for in-person yoga.

[2:41] Shannon gives a shout out to Schedulicity.

[4:44] How do you choose a price for your yoga classes? Remember that perceived value is a big factor in your pricing!

“One hour in front of your students is not the same as an hourly wage job. This is not just one hour of your time.” ~ Shannon Crow

[5:46] A good starting point to decide on a price for your yoga classes could be the prices other similar service providers charge.

[6:38] What are the hidden costs of teaching yoga?

[9:10] Money mindset can be a challenge for many of us.

[12:08] What impact does undercharging have on the yoga industry?

“I want yoga teachers to be viewed as professionals.” ~ Shannon Crow

[13:05] Focus on your niche, and consider what it feels like to be receiving services.

“Take into consideration all of the factors that are part of this pricing.” ~ Shannon Crow

[14:53] Take into consideration all of the factors before pricing your yoga classes.

[16:48] Please remember to increase your rates!

[17:06] You can create your yoga business in the way that you want and that is aligned with your beliefs and values.


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