201: Leaning Into Hope – Happy New Year with Shannon Crow

Happy New Year, Connected Yoga Teachers!

What a year 2020 has been for all of us, as people, as yoga teachers and as business owners. All of us have been profoundly impacted by everything that 2020 has brought. At a business level, we’ve had to completely reimagine our yoga businesses – by moving classes online or dealing with teaching physically distanced yoga with restrictions in place. Some of us have faced closure of our yoga studios, or have fewer students. On a personal level, we may have had to deal with the loss of loved ones, social isolation, worries around finances, and the general anxiety and stress that comes with living through a year like 2020.

It’s been a tough year. But Connected Yoga Teachers, if you are listening to this episode, it means that you’ve made it through everything 2020 has thrown your way, and survived. And that is something definitely worth celebrating.

In this episode, Shannon shares an email from Gretchen Schutte. In her email, Gretchen shared a bit about some of her struggles in 2020, but more importantly, she took the time to share and celebrate what she has accomplished, despite everything.

What are you celebrating about 2020?

Key Takeaways:

[:12] Happy New Year!

“We all win the award for making it through 2020.” ~ Shannon Crow

[:40] What a year 2020 has been. Shannon reflects on 2020, and all the things that have happened.

[3:43] A shout out to the sponsor of the podcast, Schedulicity.

[5:27] Shannon shares a side note from Crunch.

“Surviving the pandemic and the crap-show that was 2020 is achievement enough for this year.” ~ Crunch Ranjani

[7:29] Gretchen Schutte sent Shannon an email towards the end of 2020 about her struggles and achievements for the year.

“Despite all of the challenges, I’m still growing and moving forward.” ~ Gretchen Schutte

[10:25] Gretchen’s email inspired Shannon to look at what she has achieved. What are some of the things you can celebrate about 2020?

[13:54] Go beyond looking at traditional accomplishments, and acknowledge all of the things you have been able to do. Celebrate that strength!


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