Nina started practising yoga in 2000 and has studied various traditions, including Hatha, Ashtanga and Anusara. She became a yoga teacher a few years ago.

Nina teaches yoga and lives in Lion’s Head, Ontario with her husband and son.

In the on-air consultation call, Nina shares how she has been feeling really fulfilled on the yoga teacher side of things, but she is also feeling stuck with her own yoga practice.

Shannon guides Nina through a series of questions and offers some strategies for reconnecting to a morning yoga practice. They discuss the importance of mentorship and self-care.

To take a class with Nina or to connect – visit her Facebook page – Bruce Peninsula Yoga.

[3:25] Nina’s yoga journey

[5:30] Nina’s need to find more meaning in her personal practice

[7:00] Shannon asks Nina to think back to a time when yoga held a special meaning to her, lit her up, and gave her a lot of tools

[9:15] What Nina’s personal practice looks like now

[12:15] Shannon gives Nina some ideas on how she can get reconnected to her personal practice: 1) try a new form of movement 2) setting out your mat the night before your morning practice, light candles, make a tea, put on music etc. 3) extend the practice so it becomes a ritual and do something you love afterwards such as writing, reading or walking

[16:55] Finding a time where you will have time to do your personal practice, where there is as little distraction as possible, it’s ok if you can’t do this every day

[19:10] Noticing the keywords around Nina’s description of  when yoga lit her up- “learning”, “studying”, yoga as a time for herself

[19:25] Shannon asks Nina if those keywords are part of her current yoga practice

[21:05] Difficulties around attending yoga teacher trainings and alternatives such as reading, online learning, finding a mentor

[26:00] Nina reflects on the struggle of finding time and motivation to do her own practice and her hope that making it a priority and bringing in accountability partners will help her reconnect

[28:05] Using the phrase “I’ll get back to you about that” when someone asks you to do something helps prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, left without time for yourself

[29:25] Shannon’s closing thoughts

After our episode — Nina connected with Rosslyn and here is what Nina posted on The Connected Yoga Teacher page.

“I am manifesting significant change in my life. With the help of Rosslyn Kemerer, I started my 40-day Sadhana last week and it is incredible how much I’ve already learned about myself and about what I need to do next. I felt compelled to share with this group my intentions. I am awake and present. My heart is open to give and receive. I am my own inspiration and light. I am confident and trust myself. I express myself clearly, openly and honestly to myself and others. I have unlimited potential. Thank you Shannon Crow for helping me connect with Rosslyn.”

Also, Rosslyn shared a yoga practice in The Connected Yoga Teacher private Facebook group, specific for yoga teachers — to be in the seat of the student and to recharge. If you are a yoga teacher — you are welcome to join that group and the video is there for you to enjoy.

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