196: 4 Steps to Attract Yoga Students with Steph Crowder

Attracting yoga students to our yoga classes is something we could all use help with. We are also coming up to one of the biggest times for yoga students to sign up for classes – January. This is when people make their New Year resolutions and want to “get back to their routine” or “take care of their emotional and physical wellness”. That’s why it’s so important for us to put our offers out there in front of all these people, and having a simple process can help you get started – Steph Crowder (she/her) has an easy and actionable 4-step process to share.

Steph Crowder is the Founder & CEO of Courage & Clarity, LLC. She’s a former Sales Training Director of a giant tech company who struck out on her own to become a sales coach & business strategist, helping thousands of entrepreneurs across all industries. In 2017, she launched the Courage & Clarity Podcast and grew her business to 6 figures in 9 months. Steph focuses on teaching her clients to sell with ease by building a “small but mighty” community who can’t wait to buy from them through courses, and webinars.

Steph is adept at taking a concept like getting more yoga students and breaking it down into easy, actionable steps that you can put into practice immediately. Steph walks us through the 4 steps that will help us to go from an idea for our yoga offer to new registrations and real students. She also explains the biggest mistake that business owners make that keep customers walking right past their offers, and gives us some of her tips to overcome that.

If you’re aiming to get more students into your yoga classes in 2021 (or even today!), this is the episode to listen to!

Key Takeaways:

[6:23] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Steph Crowder.

[8:12] What is the work that Steph does and who does she do it for?

[11:40] Steph’s four steps are covered in greater detail in her mini-training, Same Day Sales.

“The core of the Same Day Sales Process is using real human beings, with real experiences, real problems, real desires to help you shape your offer.” ~ Steph Crowder

[13:27] What is the big mistake many business owners make that keep customers walking past their offers?

“The big mistake that most people make… is creating your offer in a vacuum.” ~ Steph Crowder

[16:18] Steph addresses the fact that this process requires some vulnerability.

[17:39] Instead of thinking of it as validating your idea, think of this process as co-creating your offer.

[18:52] Step 1: Identify your idea. It doesn’t have to be something complex or difficult!

[22:55] What comes naturally to you that people are always asking you about? 

“Every single person who’s listening to this has innate talents and abilities that have been so ingrained in you, you totally don’t realize they have value.” ~ Steph Crowder

[24:21] Step 2: Locate your leads. Steph has a dirty Internet secret about where your leads are coming from.

[28:05] Don’t think about this step as pitching your network. Think about it as opening up conversations.

[31:33] Step 3: Co-create your offer. Approach this from a place of curiosity.

[35:11] Shannon shares a few examples of how co-creating an offer has (and creating offers in a vacuum hasn’t) worked for her.

[37:54] Shannon and Steph discuss why you should focus on uncovering the pain or pleasure point you are addressing in your co-creation conversations.

[38:33] Someone’s willingness or unwillingness to pay is a reflection of how well they understand the transformation.

“Once you open up the conversation, it is so much easier to get a customer, yes, but also to understand if they’re not going to become a customer – why?” ~ Steph Crowder

[39:27] Step 4: Tweak and book. Steph shares an example of how she used this in her own business.

[44:24] Do it scared! You don’t need to have a perfect offer before you put it out there.

[44:53] What should you do if you follow these steps and you offer doesn’t get the traction you’re looking for?

[46:42] What does Steph recommend if you’re sending emails and posting on social media but still not seeing students sign up?

[50:01] Check out Steph’s podcast, The Courage & Clarity Podcast, to learn more from her.

[50:16] Steph has some tips for you around selling.

[52:31] Shannon shares her key takeaways from this interview with Steph.


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