193: Pelvic Symmetry Sequence with Shannon Crow

Pelvic girdle pain is extremely common, affecting one in 5 pregnant people, and can continue postpartum. In this episode, Shannon shares a pelvic symmetry sequence she learned years ago to address the pelvic girdle pain from her pregnancies. Adapted from Cecile Rost, PT and Dr. Sinead Dufour, Physiotherapist, Shannon has shared this sequence with hundreds of people who say it makes a huge difference. 

Besides helping alleviate pelvic girdle pain, this sequence is useful in helping keep the pelvis in symmetrical alignment, to treat low back pain, or when you are having issues with your sciatica or sacroiliac joints. Whether you are looking for relief from your own pelvic girdle pain or you would like to share this sequence with students dealing with this issue, this sequence can be a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Key Takeaways:

[3:32] Shannon discovered this pelvic symmetry sequence to alleviate the pelvic girdle pain she was having.

“We know that pelvic girdle pain is extremely common.” ~ Shannon

[5:08] If you are dealing with any pelvic girdle pain, it is beneficial to consult with a healthcare professional specialized in it.

“If you are dealing with any pelvic girdle pain, I cannot say enough how beneficial it is to go and see a PT.” ~ Shannon

[5:52] Special thanks to Cecile Rost, Dr. Sinead Dufour, and Sue Pearson.

[6:38] Hundreds of yoga students have said that this pelvic symmetry sequence has made a huge difference in their lives.

“I have shared this sequence with hundreds of yoga students who say this has made a huge difference in their lives.” ~ Shannon

[8:50] Shannon gives a shoutout to Schedulicity and a reviewer.

[10:52] Shannon leads the pelvic symmetry sequence.

[18:52] Shannon recommends trying this flow three times through.

[19:18] If you try this sequence out or share it with someone, do let Shannon know by tagging her, or share your feedback about the sequence.

[20:51] Shannon shares something else she has noticed about this sequence.


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