192: Everyone Has a Pelvic Floor with Shannon Crow

Was the pelvic floor ever covered in any of your yoga teacher training, anatomy courses, or if you have had children, as a part of pre- and post-natal education? Yet, the pelvis is one of the most important parts of our bodies, and also a very misunderstood and often neglected part of the body. 

People often relate pelvic health and function to women, childbearing, or other similar functions, but the truth is, whether you are male, female, non-binary or any other gender, you have a pelvic floor! As with any other body part, it is important for us to know what this part of our body does for us, and how we can protect and ensure it is healthy and working well. In fact, pelvic health is very much related to how the body moves, and so many things that our everyday bodies are dealing with are also related to pelvic health.

How does this impact us as yoga teachers and yoga practitioners? Shannon shares more about the five superpowers of the pelvic floor and helps us understand its importance in our movement and general well-being. She also highlights some of the common pelvic health issues you may encounter, as well as how yoga can help.

Whether you’re passionate about all things pelvic health like Shannon, or just talking about your pelvic makes you uncomfortable, this episode is a great place to start learning about a body part we all have – the pelvic floor.

Key Takeaways:

[1:42] The pelvis is an important part of our bodies but is often misunderstood, or neglected.

[4:35] Pelvic health is related to many other issues we may be having in our bodies.

“So many things that our everyday bodies are dealing with also relate to pelvic health.” ~ Shannon

[7:18] Shannon gives a shoutout to a reviewer and to Schedulicity.

[10:26] Have you learned about the pelvic floor in YTTs, anatomy classes, or pre- and post-natal education?

“It’s really important to think about the pelvic floor in terms of being able to engage, but also being able to release and relax and let go.” ~ Shannon

[14:03] How does language influence our perception of pelvic health?

[15:32] What are the 5 superpowers of the pelvic floor? Stabilize, Support, Sexual, Sphincteric, Sump Pump.

[18:08] Having a strong core four is important for movement and healthy living. What are some issues that can come up as a result of the core four not working together in synergy?

“Having a strong core is so important for moving and healthy living.” ~ Shannon

[21:50] How common is it to encounter someone in our yoga classes experiencing issues related to pelvic health?

“When we’re looking at holding tension in something like the pelvic floor, in a group of muscles anywhere in the body, yoga is an amazing way to release tension.” ~ Shannon

[25:04] Pelvic health issues often need to be addressed by a team of professionals working together.

[26:08] Shannon shares a short practice to become more connected with your pelvic floor.


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