186: How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest [Part 2] with Kelly Glover

Getting booked as a podcast guest is something that can be part of your marketing strategy and growing your business. But pitching to be on a podcast is not as simple as sending an email and hoping for the best. Industry expert Kelly Glover has loads of tips to share from her experience in this area.

Kelly Glover is the CEO of The Talent Squad, a podcast booking and publicity agency. With almost two decades working in media under her belt, Kelly helps her clients get from pitch to published to get more clients and build their brand through podcasting. She works with clients in-person in Newcastle, Sydney, Los Angeles, & New York, and does both 1:1 personal brand strategy as well as podcast pitching, and business model coaching.

Pitching to be on a podcast starts with understanding why you should even be trying to get on podcasts. Kelly explains how niching down and having a specific area of expertise can help find podcasts that would be a good fit, and how to decline being a guest on a podcast that doesn’t align with your brand while maintaining a positive relationship with the host. She shares more about how to find the shows your target audience is listening to, and how to write an effective pitch.

If you’ve been thinking about showcasing your expertise by being a guest on some podcasts or wondering how to get featured on your favorite podcasts, give this episode a listen.

Key Takeaways:

[7:04] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Kelly Glover.

[8:35] What does Kelly do and how did she get started in this industry?

[10:34] Why should you even go on a podcast?

“Being on a podcast is awareness. It also gives you expert status.” ~ Kelly Glover

[15:23] What’s the next step once you’ve decided you want to be a guest on a podcast?

[16:41] It’s best to niche down and speak only on topics you know really well. Kelly shares how you can figure out what those topics should be.

“It’s about knowing the audience, and what value you’re delivering that audience, because podcasts are a way for you to teach the audience.” ~ Kelly Glover

[20:53] When looking for a show to pitch, you need to find a topic that has not already been covered on the podcast.

“When you, as a yoga teacher, are looking for a show to pitch, you’re also competing against the back catalog.” ~ Kelly Glover

[23:09] Shannon shares her experience about the pitches she has received – what works and what doesn’t.

[26:27] How can we vet the podcasts we’re pitching to?

[31:01] It is important to know the audience of the podcast as well, and it’s okay to reject some offers to be a guest on a podcast! Kelly explains how you can turn down offers while maintaining that relationship.

“You don’t ever want anyone to feel like they fell for something. You want them to be rewarded.” ~ Kelly Glover

[32:57] When should you be doing your own pitches or hire an agency?

[35:38] What are Kelly’s thoughts on including a lead magnet when you’re a guest on a podcast?

[39:20] What are some other tips Kelly has about pitching podcasts?

“What benefit are you giving my audience, and what will they learn by the end of the episode that they didn’t know in the beginning, and why are you the person to teach my audience that?” ~ Kelly Glover

[42:27] How much time does Kelly spend listening to podcasts and which are her favorite ones?

[44:16] What are some of Shannon’s top podcasts?

[47:22] Get in touch with Kelly via her website for some resources or to work with her.

[48:18] Shannon shares her key takeaways from this interview.


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