183: How to Plan a Productive Week with Shawn Radcliffe183: How to Plan a Productive Week with Shawn Radcliffe

As a yoga business owner, there are so many things to do that we may feel overwhelmed by our to-do lists and left wondering how to get everything done and where to start. That’s where productivity comes in, and no matter where you are in your yoga teacher journey, we could all use some tips around improving our productivity. Shawn Radcliffe has some tips on how to use a 15-minute planner to get organized and plan a productive week.

Shawn Radcliffe is a health and science journalist based in Ontario, Canada. His work has appeared in a variety of print and digital publications. Shawn has also been teaching yoga since 2009, and offers students a dynamic mix of Hatha yoga and viniyoga, with a special focus on helping people develop mindfulness.

With just 15 minutes a week, Shawn has mastered the art of staying on top of his professional and personal life. He shares how he first discovered the 15-minute planner and breaks down how he uses it to keep track of and prioritize all his projects, tasks and activities. He also has some other tips around planning a productive week and working effectively.

If you’ve been wondering how to make better use of your time or how to keep track of all the projects you have going on, this episode is for you.

Key Takeaways:

[5:33] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Shawn Radcliffe.

[6:41] What does Shawn do and who does he do it for?

[8:43] When did Shawn start using the 15-minute planner?

“A lot of times we get so fixated on our to-do lists that we just do things as they come up, and a lot of things that we’re doing are busywork – they’re small things that aren’t really driving our business forward.” ~ Shawn Radcliffe

[11:43] How do you start with the 15-minute planner? The first step is setting aside 15 minutes to plan, every week.

“Sometimes we don’t know what we need to get done, or don’t know what we’ve already agreed to do.” ~ Shawn Radcliffe

[13:17] Shawn explains the concept of the 15-minute planner using the rocks, pebbles, sand analogy.

[14:53] Step 2 is to do a brain dump.

[17:54] Why is it so important to make a list of things to get done, instead of just doing them?

“Being busy feels good, but it’s not always effective.” ~ Shawn Radcliffe

[19:45] What happens after the brain dump? Shawn and Shannon discuss putting the “rocks” into the planner.

[24:25] How do you choose the “pebbles”?

[27:45] The next step is to put these activities into your calendar.

[33:00] Shawn explains what happens to the “sand”.

[34:59] What has Shawn learned along the way that he would like to share?

“When you just start working, you’re not always working effectively.” ~ Shawn Radcliffe

[36:53] What is Shawn’s strategy for dealing with things that just pop up suddenly?

[38:24] Shannon shares about the difference between her brain dump and her “idea parking lot”.

[39:13] Shawn highlights how different planning methods work similarly, and things to keep in mind when planning.

“What do I need to do to make my business grow, and survive, and thrive?” ~ Shawn Radcliffe

[42:17] What are some things Shawn has been able to accomplish using the 15-minute planner method?

[44:16] Get in touch with Shawn via his website, or on Twitter. 


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