180: Sticky Note Secret for More Students with Shannon Crow180: Sticky Note Secret for More Students with Shannon Crow

Do you have a new event, training or yoga offering and are wondering how to fill it? Perhaps you’re trying to get more students into your classes or sign up new 1:1 private students. You’re in luck because Shannon has a secret method to get more students – the sticky note secret.

Shannon shares her sticky note secret to getting new students and outlines the different steps to ask yourself along the way. She encourages you to set a minimum number and maximum number to fill your yoga offering as well as challenges you to think about your ideal class size. How do sticky notes come into the picture? Tune in to find out how you can use the humble sticky note (or even a piece of paper!) to get more students and fill your yoga offerings.

Key Takeaways:

[1:32] Shannon has a secret to getting more students to sign up for your yoga offering.

“What is the feeling you want your yoga students to walk away with?” ~ Shannon Crow

[3:00] The first step is to think about the minimum number of people you would like to have in your yoga offering.

“We definitely want to take a look at the money side of things in this, but we also want to take a look at ‘what does it feel like to show up and teach this number of people?’.” ~ Shannon Crow

[5:04] You also need to consider the maximum number of people you would be comfortable teaching.

[6:59] Setting a minimum and maximum number to fill your yoga offering helps you get closer to your goal.

[7:50] Shannon gives Schedulicity a shout out!

[9:20] If money were not a factor, what would your ideal class size be?

[10:02] Shannon addresses some of the roadblocks that people encounter.

“When you don’t hear back from people, it is not ‘no!’.” ~ Shannon Crow

[11:30] For those of you who prefer to teach 1:1 private yoga, Shannon has some advice about planning your week.

[13:41] Shannon explains how she uses sticky notes to keep track of filling her yoga offerings, but you could do the same thing with a piece of paper.

[17:44] Ask yourself: How can I fill these spots?

“Ask yourself ‘Can I think of anyone right now who’s either told me that they’re interested in this offering or who I just think is a great fit?’.” ~ Shannon Crow

[19:57] The last step should be about getting people to sign up, not the first!

“You are going to get better at this, you are going to figure things out.” ~ Shannon Crow

[20:28] Shannon does a quick recap of the steps of the “sticky note secret”.

[21:32] Share your sticky note wall or spot-filling list with Shannon on social media!


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