179: Get Confident with Video with Alicia Berruti

Video is a really amazing tool, and particularly in this time where a lot of us are encountering a lot of physical distancing, video is the best way to really reach out and form connections with people. Yet, a lot of us struggle with video, and with being confident enough to put ourselves and our message out there. We shouldn’t be missing out on opportunities to use video because we lack confidence, so Alicia Berruti is here to share with us her take on doing videos confidently.

Alicia Berruti is the National Speaker at BombBomb, a video enablement platform that helps people communicate face-to-face via video. They are focused on bringing back the human side of communication to the virtual world, by making it easy to record, send, and track videos, allowing you to be “in-person” with those who matter most to your business at any given time. In her role at BombBomb, Alicia teaches and inspires people to use simple videos to ReHumanize business communication and get face-to-face with clients and prospects more often.

“I don’t look good on video.” “I can’t figure out the technology for videos.” “I get so nervous doing videos.” If this sounds like you, you need to listen to this episode. Alicia and Shannon dive into overcoming fear around videos and gaining confidence to do them. Alicia also shares why video is an important communication tool, not just for social media, but to actually talk to people and build a deep connection with them. She talks about how we can move past some of the hang-ups we may have around putting ourselves out there to show up on camera, and how we can get started with using videos more effectively and intentionally.

Key Takeaways:

[9:25] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Alicia Berruti.

[11:58] What does Alicia do and who does she do it for?

[13:36] How did Alicia start helping people get comfortable with being on video?

“We’re just better face-to-face.” ~ Alicia Berruti

[15:31] What did Alicia’s journey of loving her own body and feeling comfortable in her own skin?

[20:50] Alicia shares about the power of gratitude in her own life and changing how she sees her body.

[21:30] Feeling confident is a process, and it’s something we have to work on constantly.

“Video is effective and video works because it gives people an opportunity to build ‘know, like and trust’ with you.” ~ Alicia Berruti

[25:43] Video is effective because it gives people an opportunity to get to know, like and trust you.

[29:44] Think about what the world would have missed out on if Oprah had waited to be comfortable in her body to get get in front of the camera.

[31:13] What is Alicia’s response to some common reasons people have for not doing video?

[39:11] Shannon and Alicia discuss why we should be sharing on video because of the value we bring.

“People can connect with human and flawed better than they can connect with perfect and polished.” ~ Alicia Berruti

[43:06] What is BombBomb?

[49:08] Video can help convey tonality, which is often lacking in our emails and text messages!

[52:22] Shannon sometimes replies to people on Instagram and Facebook messenger on video, and it makes such a difference.

[54:46] There is a 14-day free trial of BombBomb available for you to check out how it could work in your business.

“The #1 thing that keeps people from doing video is this uncomfortability with being on camera.” ~ Alicia Berruti

[1:01:36] Find out more about BombBomb on the website, or get connected with Alicia on Instagram.

[1:04:26] What do you think about a live video challenge? Share your thoughts with Shannon!


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