178: Tired of Social Media? Devon Pelto178: Tired of Social Media? [Consultation Call] with Devon Pelto

Are you feeling frustrated with social media? If you’ve been posting on social media but not getting engagement, or you’re spending so much time on social media and are wondering where else you can focus on to create connections – you are not alone. Devon Pelto was recently feeling the same and posted in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group, which led to this consultation call to dig into social media.

Devon Pelto found yoga, tarot and meditation in 2012 as a new mother in need of tranquillity and balance. Through these practices, she discovered a new depth of healing from her own childhood trauma, in addition to support and mental stability. Today, these practices guide her in her life and the way she shares yoga and life coaching. Devon focuses on self-care, mental/emotional health and community in her corporate and 1:1  yoga classes and life coaching sessions.

Social media has become a key way of connecting with others, particularly during this pandemic, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. Shannon and Devon dig into how she can connect with clients and potential students via email, alternative channels for building connections, and tapping into her network. It can also be a real challenge to teach niche yoga, and they work through some of the difficulties of sharing the benefit of your offering as a coach or wellness advocate.

Whether you’ve mastered social media for your yoga business or are looking for other ways to connect in this time, this episode with Devon Pelto will be really enlightening.

Key Takeaways:

[4:56] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Devon Pelto.

[8:10] Devon shared a post in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group about how to step away from social media but still be actively marketing to prospects and staying connected with current clients.

[11:35] What does Devon do? Shannon and Devon discuss the core elements of her messaging around her work.

[18:27] Do you have to be on social media?

“You do not have to be on social media every day.” ~ Shannon Crow 

[21:31] Devon is trying to do some email marketing. Shannon digs into how effective her email newsletters are in generating clients.

[24:38] Shannon shares about a test she did in her own business about email marketing vs social media.

“People take emails more seriously.” ~ Devon Pelto

[27:07] Tapping into your network and leveraging word-of-mouth can be an effective way to reach more people.

[31:38] Devon and Shannon discuss niching down in her business.

“You can always try a niche on for a while.” ~ Shannon Crow

[34:15] Schedulicity has a tip for you!

[35:20] The pandemic has taken away the usual channels in which we connect with others. Shannon encourages Devon to explore other avenues that she could use instead.

[40:39] Shannon explains how she uses videos to connect with clients virtually.

[41:54] What are some other ways that in her community that Devon could connect with her ideal clients?

[44:57] Shannon brainstorms some ideas for Devon to get visibility for her business while getting paid.

[48:12] Devon has an upcoming event – Shannon helps her walk through how she can fill the event.

[54:30] Devon brings up some of her hesitations and misgivings with social media.

“That’s exactly how I want to use social media – is having it there for the beautiful tool that it is, but not relying on it in any way at all. It’s just an accessible way to connect.” ~ Devon Pelto

[1:00:39] Shannon and Devon talk about some other ways she can share her personality and knowledge with others.

[1:03:27] Get in touch with Devon to work with her via her website or email newsletter.

[1:04:32] Shannon shares her biggest takeaway from this consultation call with Devon.


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