176: Email Marketing Strategy with Jessica Stansberry176: Email Marketing Strategy with Jessica Stansberry

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you never stop learning. There are so many strategies for running a successful business, and different approaches work for different people. There’s always something new that we could learn and implement in our business that could really make a difference. On this episode, we get to hear from another expert on email marketing, Jessica Stansberry.

Jessica Stansberry is the Founder and CEO of Hey Jessica, LLC. She is a personal and business development strategist dedicated to helping women create and grow online businesses. Apart from hosting the weekly podcast Grit, she runs an extremely popular YouTube channel with over 80,000 subscribers. Through free content on her blog and online courses that teach #allthethings about starting and running a business, Jessica helps women “turn their dreams into dolla bills”.

Email marketing is powerful, and you can harness it in your yoga business. Jessica shares her tips about which email platform you should be using, how to create a nurturing sequence, and how to set up emails so students open them. We also discuss why having a huge email list is not as important as an engaged audience (which is why we need to trim our lists) and why you need to “make the ask” in your emails!

Email marketing is another handy tool to have in your arsenal to reach your ideal clients, so tune in to hear Jessica break it down in a way that’s easy to approach and implement.

Key Takeaways:

[7:02] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Jessica Stansberry.

[8:25] What does Jessica do and who does she do it for?

[9:31] What is the importance of email?

“The only thing you actually own is your email list.” ~ Jessica Stansberry

[13:00] Jessica addresses the concern of yoga teachers who feel their students may get tired of hearing from them.

“You want to land in their inbox, and to do that, you need to be writing emails like you’re writing an email to a friend.” ~ Jessica Stansberry

[14:41] Shannon and Jessica discuss “scrubbing your list”.

[16:46] What are Jessica’s tips for building your email list?

“They want to get on your email list because you gave them some piece of value for free to get there.” ~ Jessica Stansberry

[18:32] When it comes to email service providers, what are Jessica’s recommendations?

[27:10] What is something people aren’t talking about enough with regards to email?

[30:10] Should you include images in your emails?

[31:47] How long should your email be?

[33:56] We need to make the ask in our emails!

“Conversion rates from emails are higher, sales rates from emails are higher.” ~ Jessica Stansberry

[35:36] Shannon and Jessica discuss nurture sequences for new subscribers.

“[Email] is a place for you to nurture your people so when you’re ready to sell, they’re there and they’re ready.” ~ Jessica Stansberry

[37:40] Find out more about Jessica on her YouTube channel, Instagram, or listen to her podcast.

[38:46] What is one thing you learned that you want to bring into your own business?


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