174: Time for a Break with Shannon Crow

Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired and uninspired right now? It may be a sign that you may need to take a break. If this feels like an impossible task, that’s exactly why you should take a break and, on this episode, Shannon walks us through this process.

Taking breaks is essential to us as business owners. We may feel like it is impossible because we are always thinking about our business, but there are many reasons why taking breaks is beneficial to your business, those you work with and you. 

Building breaks into our schedules can help us be more mindful about taking breaks, and are an effective way to ensure that you take regular breaks. Shannon shares more about how she usually organizes time in her business so that she can take breaks and not miss a beat, what she has learned from a recent unplanned break, and why we need to give ourselves grace when our plans for breaks don’t work out.

Whether you’re struggling with overwhelm, lack of motivation, or just feeling tired, this episode is a must-listen.

Key Takeaways:

[1:12] Shannon is talking about how she plans to take breaks in her business on this episode.

“Taking a break really serves your business. It serves the people that you work with, and it serves you. It’s a win-win.” – Shannon

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[5:40] Do you feel like you need a break today? There are times when we feel like we are dragging our feet to do something, or putting off doing a certain task. These are signs that you may need a break.

[7:16] How long of a break do you need right now?

[10:38] Shannon shares why it might be a good idea to look at your own yoga practice if you are feeling uninspired or unmotivated to teach.

“How can we plan ahead, and also, how can we have grace with ourselves when we don’t plan ahead perfectly?” – Shannon

[12:20] Are you planning for a break? Sometimes, taking a break is an unexpected event. Shannon had to take an unplanned break recently and shares some of the things she learned from it.

[16:22] If you do not have any vacation time blocked off in your calendar, Shannon challenges you to explore that.

“Productivity-wise, we actually do better when we have these breaks.” – Shannon

[18:40] Shannon has been working on the break at the end of her day.

[20:23] A break that Shannon loves to take is with an app that reminds her to take breaks.

[22:09] What feels right for you in terms of taking a break?


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