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171: Pelvic Health & Movement Goals with Antony Lo



When people are experiencing pelvic health issues, they may be told to give up exercise or that certain movements are not appropriate or suitable for them to do. However, exercise may be important to clients beyond pelvic health issues, and there may be social and emotional impacts that restricting access to their usual exercise regime might have. This episode features a section of the interview with guest expert for the Pelvic Health Professionals membership site, Anthony Lo, which explores this topic.


Antony Lo is a physiotherapist from Australia who runs The Physio Detective, and has been in practice for over 21 years. His specialty is Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, and he is a certified CrossFit Trainer and Football Coach/Consultant, who has been involved with treating CrossFit athletes for 7 years. Through his participation in CrossFit and his work as a Physiotherapist, he has developed a model of treatment that provides a realistic, holistic model of care.


Pelvic health and movement and exercise are the focus of this episode. Anthony shares his approach to treating clients with pelvic health issues who want to get back into movement and exercise, as well as how he helps people he’s working 1:1 with as a physiotherapist. He also has some tips to help clients make necessary changes, and how we can empower them to continue their exercises outside their sessions with us. Shannon and Anthony also discuss why it’s important to have the connections to refer clients to the right professionals who can help them in a more specific and personalized way.


* This episode features a section of an interview from the Pelvic Health Professionals Membership site.  If you would like access to the full interview, doors are open from now till June 12 2020 for the membership site where you can access this interview and others with other guest experts.


Key Takeaways:

[5:32] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode – Anthony.

[6:59] What does Anthony do and who does he do it for?

[8:12] Anthony shares his thoughts on how people with pelvic health concerns should approach movement and exercise.

[13:31] Shannon and Anthony discuss some options when helping a client who has certain symptoms of a pelvic health issue.

[17:29] What are some considerations to keep in mind for someone getting back to the gym postpartum?

[21:29] How does Anthony think about approaching clients with very specific concerns e.g. someone with pelvic health issues who wants to get back into running?

[28:01] What is Anthony’s advice for dealing with clients who don’t do their “homework”?

[34:31] What was your key takeaway?

[34:59] Shannon explains a little more about how calls are set up in the Pelvic Health Professionals membership.




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Quotes from this episode:

“When we think of pelvic health, why are we only thinking about the pelvis?” – Antony


“My default answer will be ‘Yes, you can go back to the gym. But it’s going to look different to what you might expect straight away.'” – Antony


“If you want them to have a sustainable, long-term result, where you keep them safe and healthy and happy, then learn how to ask questions so that they can come up with those answers.” – Antony


“It really isn’t about us. It’s about helping other people achieve their goals.” – Antony