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170: Is this Movement Safe? with Shannon Crow



A question that comes up time and time again, both from yoga students and teachers, especially those dealing with pelvic health issues such as lower back pain, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, infertility etc. is “Is this movement safe?”


The truth is, there isn’t a list of movements that are safe or unsafe for a body, and it really varies depending on each person, and the movement itself. A lot of us teach yoga to women, and more specifically, women who have given birth at some point in their life. As such, the likelihood is high that we may have someone dealing with pelvic health issues in our class, but they may not be comfortable speaking about it, or may not be aware of it.


So how can we ensure that the movements and poses that we are offering in our classes are safe for each and every student? Shannon has four questions that can guide you in determining which movements are safe for your clients.


Key Takeaways:

[9:45] How can we check if a movement is “safe”? If you have other questions that you would like to add to this list, leave a comment!

[11:09] Question #1: Do I enjoy this movement and can I maintain it with ease? Shannon highlights the challenge of finding the balance between something you love but are afraid of doing, or something you hate but think is good for you.

[15:18] Question #2: Is my breath continuous?

[16:35] Shannon explains intra-abdominal pressure and how it relates to ensuring if a movement is “safe”.

[18:56] Question #3: Is there doming or reverse doming (invagination) at the linea alba?

[22:53] Shannon brings up the example of her client who was struggling with plank pose.

[25:33] Question #4: Am I bearing down on the pelvic floor?

[29:24] Every body is different. Why is this so important to keep in mind?

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Quotes from this episode:

“Find variations of movement that bring you joy.” – Shannon


“What is happening if we are unable to keep a continuous and steady breath?” – Shannon


“It’s not like there’s this list of movements that are safe and unsafe for a body. There’s this list of questions to ask.” – Shannon