169: Integrating Pelvic Health into Yoga with Shannon Crow & Mado Hesselink

Lots of people who do yoga may be dealing with pelvic health issues, but there has traditionally been very little focus on integrating pelvic health and yoga. Shannon is extremely passionate about the importance of pelvic health, so this episode features an interview Shannon did on Mado Hesselink’s Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast on the topic.

Third-time guest Mado Hesselink has been teaching yoga since 2005 and training yoga teachers since 2010. She is the creator of Yoga Teacher Resource, created to fill the gaps between what is taught in YTT and what it takes to be a successful and effective teacher. She also hosts the Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast, where this episode was first aired.

With Mado in the interviewer’s seat, Shannon dives into the basics of what every yoga teacher needs to know about pelvic health, why Kegels and Mula Bandha aren’t appropriate for all (or even most) yoga students, and why pelvic health can be a fantastic niche for yoga teachers. Find out more about how Shannon built up my 1:1 pelvic health business and how yoga teachers can work cooperatively with pelvic health PTs to grow in this niche.



Key Takeaways:

[8:44] Shannon introduces Mado Hesselink who conducts the interview on this episode.

[10:13] How did Shannon get interested in pelvic health and what has her experience been with it?

“Lots of people deal with different pelvic health issues, and there’s no part in a yoga teacher training that covers it.” ~ Shannon Crow

[14:13] What are some commonly taught and practiced yoga techniques that specifically could be detrimental to people with pelvic health conditions?

[16:05] Mado and Shannon address the idea that the pose that you hate the most is the one that you need the most.

“Movement and variation in movement, and finding things that challenge the body are also beneficial.” ~ Shannon Crow

[19:16] Shannon highlights the importance of addressing specific concerns like doming or invagination.

[21:36] Shannon speaks about three other things to look out for when teaching poses that may be contraindicated.

[24:18] What are some cues that students may interpret in the wrong way?

[27:36] Mado and Shannon discuss the importance of providing students with information about the exercises and techniques that could help them.

“We know that overall, most people are holding quite a bit of tension in the pelvic floor.” ~ Shannon Crow

[31:34] Reminder – there are PTs that specialize in pelvic health. If you or your student suspect you might have a pelvic health issue, approach them directly.

[34:43] Having access to the right information around pelvic health can help a lot of practitioners of yoga.

[37:02] Taking the shame away from the conversation around pelvic health can really help.

“You can’t make a success of a yoga niche that you’re not actually passionate about.” ~ Mado Hesselink

[37:47] Shannon talks about the business aspects of niching down into pelvic health in yoga.

[44:37] Mado highlights some strategies for connecting and building relationships with PTs.

[48:45] You can’t make a success of a yoga niche that you’re not actually passionate about.

[51:24] Shannon shares some final bits of information about pelvic health in yoga.

[53:19] Check out Pelvic Health Professionals for more resources around pelvic health.


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